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‘Boiling point of acceptance’: AAPI actors share views on Hollywood’s portrayal of Asian men

AAPI actors

Several AAPI actors recently shared what it’s like to thrive in Hollywood where Asian men have long been typecast into secondary roles that perpetuate racial stereotypes. 

Perspectives on representation: Nico Hiraga (“Moxie”), Charles Melton (“Riverdale”), Danny Pudi (“Mythic Quest”), Vincent Rodriguez III (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) and George Takei (“Star Trek”) spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the industry that treats AAPI men as undesirable sidekicks. 

Air Force Academy Encourages New Cadets to Read George Takei’s ‘They Called Us Enemy’

Air Force Academy

The U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) has given out copies of George Takei’s 2019 graphic memoir to new cadets, hoping that it helps get “our basics ready for what’s ahead.”

Why this matters: In “They Called Us Enemy,” Takei recounted his younger years in an incarceration camp during World War II when the U.S. effectively legalized racism against Japanese people.

George Takei Helps Lead Gay Community in Hijacking Proud Boys Hashtag

Proud Boys

George Takei has helped lead LGBTQ+ users in hijacking the hashtag “#ProudBoys” to drown out posts from people identifying with the right-leaning group of the same name on Twitter.

Over the weekend, photos of men celebrating their love took over the hashtag, which initially gained traction after President Donald Trump mentioned the group in last week’s presidential debate.

George Takei Apologizes For ‘Distasteful’ Sex Joke During Howard Stern Interview

George Takei publicly apologized for the “distasteful” jokes he made during his interview with radio and TV personality Howard Stern.

The 80-year-old actor took to social media to address his controversial interview in which he made comical remarks about sexually touching men during his “Star Trek” days. His apology comes just a week after Takei was accused of sexually assaulting a male model in the 1980s.

George Takei Told Howard Stern How He Gets Men to Have Sex With Him

Following George Takei’s emphatic denial of the sexual assault claims made against him by former model Scott R. Brunton, a disturbing interview where he admitted to non-consensual sexual advances to a man in his house has resurfaced on social media.

Apparently, the 80-year-old actor narrated that he had indeed sexually assaulted a man inside his home during a recent conversation with Howard Stern on live radio.  

George Takei Responds to Sexual Assault Allegations Made By Former Model

George Takei has responded to the sexual assault allegations that surfaced on Friday with an emphatic denial on social media Saturday morning. 

The esteemed actor and LGBT advocate took to Twitter to address the accusation that he sexually abused former model and actor Scott R. Brunton in his home back in 1981. In a series of tweets, Takei says he is “shocked and bewildered” at the accusation, noting the incident “simply did not occur.”

George Takei is Being Accused of Sexually Assaulting an Actor in 1981

Highly-respected actor and LGBT advocate George Takei is the latest celebrity accused of sexual assault in the growing list of scandals involving Hollywood luminaries.

The news comes after several high-profile allegations of sexual assault, harassment, and rape were made against powerful men in Hollywood,  like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and most recently, Louis C.K..

George Takei Fights County for Closing Off Former Japanese Concentration Camp From His Childhood

A coalition, which aims to preserve the historical integrity of the site of a World War II concentration camp in California where Japanese Americans were incarcerated, has been battling a planned airport fence that would also shut the area from visitors.

The facility of Tulelake camp, formerly known as Tule Lake Segregation Center, once held 12,000 inmates who resisted the forced imprisonment during the Japanese internment.