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Did Chinese people sit in the FRONT or BACK of the bus during Southern segregation?

Chinese in the Jim Crow era Blurring the Color Line

“What did it mean to be Chinese in Black neighborhoods during segregation in the 1930s?” One filmmaker’s documentary journeys through her grandmother’s family history growing up as a young Chinese girl with grocer parents in the Jim Crow era.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker and actor Crystal Kwok, executive produced by W. Kamau Bell, actor Daniel Wu, and journalist Lisa Ling, “Blurring the Color Line” confronts the complex issues of racism, Afro-Asian tensions and white supremacy that still grips communities today.

Simu Liu confirms his role in ‘Barbie’ movie starring Margot Robbie: ‘I guess it’s salad for dinner’

shangchi barbie
  • Simu Liu confirmed his casting in the upcoming film “Barbie” by tweeting a joke about only eating “salad for dinner.”
  • Liu will be joining Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who will be playing Barbie and Ken.
  • Details regarding the plot of the film or Liu’s role have not yet been confirmed.

To officially announce he would be joining the cast of “Barbie,” set to be directed by Greta Gerwig, Simu Liu tweeted that he will be eating “salad for dinner.”

Liu uploaded the tweet to his official Twitter page earlier today, confirming his role in the film. 

Director Paul Thomas Anderson responds to criticism of mock Asian accent scenes in ‘Licorice Pizza’

lic pizza
  • Director Paul Thomas Anderson said he is “lost” in regards to criticisms that his acclaimed 2021 film “Licorice Pizza” is anti-Asian, describing the heavily scrutinized scene in which a character uses an Asian accent as “an idiot saying stupid sh*t” in an interview with IndieWire.
  • “Licorice Pizza” received backlash for a scene in which a white businessman named Jerry Frick, played by John Michael Higgins, speaks in an offensive, fake Asian accent to his Japanese wife.
  • When Anderson was told that the character’s racism could give viewers the permission to laugh at the stereotype, he said, “I’m certainly capable of missing the mark, but on the other hand, I guess I’m not sure how to separate what my intentions were from how they landed.”
  • He previously justified the inclusion of the controversial character, claiming that it stays true to the movie’s depiction of the 1970s period.

Director Paul Thomas Anderson said he is “lost” in regards to criticisms that his 2021 film “Licorice Pizza” is anti-Asian in a new interview.

The coming-of-age comedy-drama that has received multiple award nominations, features a white businessman character named Jerry Frick, played by John Michael Higgins, who, in a controversial scene, speaks in an offensive, fake Asian accent to his Japanese wife.

Exclusive: ‘Moonfall’ star Kelly Yu on why Roland Emmerich’s newest film isn’t just about destruction

  • The much-awaited sci-fi disaster film “Moonfall,” directed by Roland Emmerich and starring Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley and Kelly Yu, will hit theaters worldwide on Feb. 4.
  • Singer and actor Kelly Yu talked about her role in an exclusive interview with NextShark.

German film director Roland Emmerich, who is heralded as the “master of disaster” for his hit movies such as “2012” and “Independence Day,” is back with a new sci-fi catastrophe film. Chinese Canadian singer and actor Kelly Yu co-stars in the film and talked with NextShark about why “Moonfall,” however, isn’t just about destruction.

“Moonfall,” independently produced on a budget of $140 million, follows the story of NASA executive Jo Fowler, played by Halle Berry, and former NASA astronaut Brian Harper, played by Patrick Wilson, as they try to stop the Moon from crashing into Earth. The main cast also includes John Bradley as conspiracy theorist K.C. Houseman, Michael Pena as wealthy car dealer Tom Lopez, Charlie Plummer as Brian’s son Sonny Harper and Kelly Yu as student intern Michelle.

‘Let’s Eat’ will have you drooling over yu choy and braised pork — and also missing your parents

Let's Eat Anamon Studios indie short

An independent animation studio hopes you call your parents or guardians after watching its short, “Let’s Eat.”

Founded in 2016, Anamon Studios started as a dream shared between a trio of artists who wanted to shine a spotlight on authentic and underrepresented stories not yet seen in the animation industry. Its goal was to become an inclusive and diverse space to build camaraderie while serving as an incubator for budding creatives.

Film highlighting rise of anti-Asian racism during COVID seeks help on GoFundMe

When COVID-19 changed life as we knew it at the beginning of 2020, the pandemic also sparked another terrifying trend in America – the alarming rise of violent and racist attacks on AAPI communities and businesses across the country. 

The notion that the virus originated in China, which was further provoked by a former president’s prolific use of the phrase “China virus,” led to Asian Americans, regardless of their ethnicity, becoming targets of blame and victims of xenophobic and racist attacks. In many cases, innocent, defenseless and elderly Asian Americans were murdered. These attacks were only acknowledged by mainstream media after months of fear, pain and heartbreak.

‘Snake Eyes’ Team Had ‘Questions’ Over Henry Golding Casting Because of Rom-Com Roles

The “G.I. Joe” team raised some “questions” about the decision to cast Henry Golding as Snake Eyes due to his romantic comedy (rom-com) past, a producer in the upcoming origins movie revealed.

Movie genre past: Lorenzo di Bonaventura made the revelation in an interview with Empire on Tuesday, a day after Paramount released the final trailer for “Snake Eyes,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Daniel Dae Kim and Randall Park are Making a Heist Movie on Amazon

daniel dae kim

A little more than a year after starring as Ali Wong’s love interests in Netflix’s “Always Be My Maybe,” Daniel Dae Kim and Randall Park are teaming up again for an Asian American-led heist movie at Amazon Studios.

The untitled project, based on the script of Young Il Kim (“Billions,” “Rodham” and “Seoul Girls”), will reportedly focus on high school friends who reunite “in a nod to the classic, fun ensemble heist films.”