Acting legend Chow Yun-fat advises fencing star Cheung Ka-long to ‘stay humble’ in interview

Acting legend Chow Yun-fat advises fencing star Cheung Ka-long to ‘stay humble’ in interviewActing legend Chow Yun-fat advises fencing star Cheung Ka-long to ‘stay humble’ in interview
via Vogue Hong Kong
Fencing star Cheung Ka-long fanboyed over international acting legend Chow Yun-fat in a recent Vogue interview. 
The two Hong Kong celebrities met for the first time and discussed how they stayed grounded as they climbed to the peak of their careers in an interview for Vogue Hong Kong released last week.
Cheung previously made history by becoming the country’s first athlete to rank No. 1 in the world in men’s foil and winning Hong Kong’s second gold medal at the 2022 Asian Fencing Championships.  
The 25-year-old fencing star’s meeting with the 67-year-old actor was part of a Dior campaign
In the video for Vogue Hong Kong, Cheung expresses his excitement and nervousness in meeting Chow for the first time in person, admitting that he is a shy person who is not good at speaking.
“I usually see him in movies, and I have watched many different movies,” Cheung says. “The first one should be ‘God of Gamblers.’ I also watched ‘A Better Tomorrow’ and ‘Prison On Fire,’ which were recommended by my friends. I really enjoyed them. You acted well.”
Similarly, Chow praises the fencer for his accomplishments at a young age and says he was inspired to learn fencing after watching Cheung compete at the Olympics.

He is more good looking than I imagined. He is tall, gentle and polite. He is particularly handsome when he is fencing. The most memorable moment was when he brushed past his opponent and scored with his foil backwards. He was so calm even in the gold medal match.

As the celebrities speak about their experiences in their separate careers, Chow offers life advice to the young man. 

When you’re high up, you should stay humble. On the same note, when you have outstanding achievements, you still need to humble yourself. On a certain level, I think things you’ve learnt on your fencing journey can be applied to your life. When you lose a competition, you should not get angry. Just like how when you’re at the top, you need to remind yourself to stay humble. When you find yourself in a slump, you need to remind yourself not to feel sorry for yourself. When you’re at a high point, don’t get on your high horse. It’s important to stay impartial.  

Chow, who has kept a frugal lifestyle over the years, is known for his humility and generosity to fans around the world.
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