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5 Things Every Raver Should Know for EDC

Festival season is in swing with EDC Las Vegas right around the corner! In a rave festival with eight stages, a bevy of big name headliners, art installations and carnival rides, there is no doubt you’re going to have the time of your life. However, the festival also has over 400,000 attendees, takes place through the night to morning and sits in the Las Vegas desert heat, which means you will need to prepare. As you’re excitedly packing and counting down the days left, here are a few tips that every raver should know to have fun and stay safe!

1. Stay Hydrated

Daughter of India’s Richest Man Gets Married With Private Beyoncé Concert

A lavish wedding between a couple from two of India’s richest families features a three-day pre-wedding party, the attendance of several Bollywood stars, and a private concert by one of the biggest singers in the world.

Isha Ambani, the 27-year-old daughter of India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, is set to marry 33-year-old Anand Piramal in Mumbai on Tuesday, CNN reports.

Japanese Farming Tradition Uses Rice Straw to Make Epic Works of Art After Harvests

Wara Art Festival, an annual event in the Niigata Prefecture, Japan where farmers turn their leftover wara (rice straw) into amazing works of art has gone international.

The Wara Art Festival started as a collaborative project between the students at Musashino Art University and the Local Tourism Council of Niigata City, and has been exhibited at Uwasekigata Park since 2008, Bored Panda reported.

Japan’s ‘Firework’s Festival’ Proves Their Fireworks Game is on a Whole New Level

Firework displays are enjoyed at major gatherings and events such as an annual celebration in Japan called Hanabi Taikai, which means Fireworks Festival.

The annual Akagawa Fireworks Festival, which was held in Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture on Aug. 18, saw thousands of spectators flock into the city to watch the jaw-dropping pyrotechnics that lit up the dark summer sky.

Ohio ‘Asian Festival’ Apparently Couldn’t Find Any Real Asians to Promote It

An “Asian Festival” in Columbus, Ohio, hoping to “promote the importance of cultural diversity” has triggered angry reactions among social media users for the lack of actual Asians and Asian Americans on some of its promotional ads.

One poster shows two blue-eyed dolls in traditional Asian attire. Another image, which has since been taken down, depicts a little White girl wearing a cheongsam dress.