Austin City Limits festival fashion to help serve as your inspirAsians for Weekend Two

Austin City Limits festival fashion to help serve as your inspirAsians for Weekend Two
Chandler Treon
October 11, 2022
I am absolutely wiped after spending an exciting first weekend at Austin City Limits. As my body recovers, I’ve found myself looking back on not only the phenomenal shows put on by huge stars like Conan Gray and up-and-coming artists like spill tab, but on the impressive range of fashion statements made by fellow festival-goers. Here are a few of our favorite looks from Weekend One of the festival to help inspire you for your own fits in preparation for Weekend Two.

Kevin, Krystina and Brian

Instagram: @Amaazhang and @kbrookfieldzhu
I spotted Brian and Kevin as they were making their way over to see Carly Rae Jepson perform at the Barton Springs stage. Brian walked confidently in an open, black top and black shorts while Kevin rocked a Korean baseball shirt and black track pants.
“I just wanted to rock a kimono,” said Brian. “I think it flows really well.”
“I got this jersey in Korea,” Kevin explained. “Normally I think baseball is pretty boring, but we decided to go to a random LG Twins game in Seoul and it was surprisingly electric.”
Their friend Krystina described her style as street wear, and said she simply wanted to look “sexy in black.”
As for who the trio were most excited to see — besides Carly Rae Jepson — the answer was unanimous: SZA.

Brett and Bobby

Instagram: @medina.brett and @bubbiele
First-time ACL goers Brett and Bobby seemed to be moving to the beat of their own drum as everyone else raced around them, calmly following their ears wherever they took them as others were desperately trying to close the distance between stages for each performance. Their aesthetic gave me a fittingly relaxed impression, as the pair explained that they decided to go for a more casual, comfortable style in anticipation of the warm weekend:
“For me, I was going casual-relaxed. I knew it was going to be hot today. Also, light colors, beach colors are what I was going for,” said Brett.
“I was just going for comfortable,” Bobby said and laughed.
“This is our first time. We don’t really know much about the lineup, we’re just here for the vibes,” Brett explained.

Meghan, Josh and Ashley

Instagram: @meghan.desai, @joshlai_ and @ashleyhtruong
I met Meghan, Josh and Ashley after volunteering to take a group photo for them under the iconic ACL flags. Meghan was shining in a gorgeous, light green dress, Josh exuded cool in a cropped T-shirt and an eclectic pairing of solids and prints while Ashley turned heads in a beautiful black dress and dark leather Western boots.
“I think I really wanted to prioritize comfort but also go with a bright pattern,” said Meghan.
“I borrowed from my girlfriend’s wardrobe. I just thought, ‘When am I ever going to get an opportunity like this to wear this and be a little bit crazy,’” Josh explained. “I guess that’s in the vein of Harry Styles, making sort of feminine clothes more accessible to men, which I appreciate”
“I just wanted something simple, casual, comfortable, but fun enough for ACL,” said Ashley.


Instagram: @themoanalissa
I came across Ali as she was trying to get a good photo under the other set of ACL flags later in the day. Her combination of lavender-dyed hair, a black ruffled top, flowy turquoise pants and tough, black combat boots easily made her stand out among the sea of jean shorts and T-shirts. Although she was having a hard time taking a picture she was happy with, she was gracious enough to let me snap one of her for this article.
“The first time I came to ACL it was really cold so I couldn’t wear the outfit that I had planned for that day. I wanted to wear pants, and the only pants that I really like for festivals are my Thai pants,” she explained. “So, I figured three years later I would make a tribute to my Thai outfit from then.”
Ali, I think we can all agree that you crushed it.
Featured image via Chandler Treon
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