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10-Year-Old Vietnamese Boy Survives Alone By Farming After His Dad and Grandma Die

Left to fend for himself after his grandmother and father passed away, 10-year-old Dang Van Khuyen is now farming for his own food.

Khuyen lived a simple life with his grandmother in a remote village in Vietnam while his father worked out of town. As a good student, young Khuyen went to school every day and depended on his construction worker father for financial support.

China Unveils High-Tech Indoor Farm That Can Feed 36,000 People

A Chinese firm has unveiled an improved version of their “smart farm” which enables the growth of more vegetables without soil or natural sunlight in an automated environment.

Currently utilized in many parts of the world, the technology of controlled-environment agriculture via indoor farming is being improved upon by a company in Anxi, Fujian Province, called Sanan Sino-Science in hopes of setting the course for the future of agriculture in China.

China’s Massive 10-Year Farming Study May Help Feed Everyone Without Destroying the Planet

Chinese researcher have recently concluded a decade-long study revealing what academics around the world are reportedly calling an “agricultural miracle.”

That is, the development of geographically-specific advice for growing rice, corn and wheat that farmers followed and produced an average increase of 11% in yield, including a 15% decrease in fertilizer use.

Global Warming Has Caused 60,000 Indian Farmers to Commit Suicide

A significant link between India’s growing cases of suicide and increasing climate temperatures has been found by a newly-published study, raising concerns on the grave consequences of climate change.

The study, conducted by Tamma A. Carleton of the University of California, Berkeley, estimated that warming in the last 30 years was responsible for 59,300 suicides among farmers in India.