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Growing Rice May Release as Much Greenhouse Gases as 1,200 Coal Power Plants

Whether one grew up in an Asian household or chose to hop on the growing trend of vegetarianism or veganism, having rice as a staple part of one’s diet, unfortunately, hurts the environment.

According to nonprofit group Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), global rice cultivation poses the same catastrophic effect on climate change as 1,200 average-sized coal power plants, at least in the short term, Bloomberg reported.

Indonesia is Becoming a Landfill for Western Countries Because of Environmental Loopholes

Environmental activists in Indonesia are speaking out against the alleged loopholes of the Trade Ministry’s 2016 regulation on waste imports that have essentially turned their home into a dump site for other countries.

The environmental group Bali Fokus called upon the authorities to improve Indonesia’s policies so plastic waste smuggling can be prevented, the Jakarta Post reported.

China Closes Mount Everest’s Base Camp Because Tourists Turned it Into a Dump

The Chinese government has closed down the base camp of Mount Everest and the area beyond, with officials citing the growing number of waste and garbage left by tourists as the reason.

The local government in Dingri County in Tibet posted several notices in December 2018 about the new national environmental protection law, which states, “no unit or individuals are allowed entry into the core area of the Mount Qomolangma (Tibetan name for Everest) National Nature Reserve.”

China’s First Pro Surfer Calls to Save the Ocean From ‘Waves of Trash’

darci liu

Darci Liu, regarded as “China’s first pro surfer,” is now an environmental activist rallying to save the country’s coastlands. 

Liu, who was raised about 1,000 kilometers away from the nearest ocean, earned recognition as China’s first professional surfer in 2014, when media outlets reported her participation in various surfing competitions a few years earlier.

He Began Planting Seeds on a Barren Island 39 Years Ago, Now It’s a Forest Bigger Than Central Park

Jadav Payeng from Majuli river island in Assam, India single-handedly saved a large chunk of his once barren homeland and turned it into a lush forest with many animals living in it for nearly four decades.

It was initially believed that the largest river island in the world would soon disappear due to extensive soil erosion, BoredPanda noted.