Chinese Poodle’s Trash Clean-Up Game is Absolute Fire

Chinese Poodle’s Trash Clean-Up Game is Absolute FireChinese Poodle’s Trash Clean-Up Game is Absolute Fire
Meet Xiao Huanghuang, a dog from Banan District of Chongqing in southwest China, 
His owner, Mr. Yang, claims he began teaching Xiao Huanghuang an environmentally friendly trick when he was still two to three months old.
Footage of the 10-month-old pooch performing the good deed first surfaced on the internet on Chinese video sharing platform Pear Video on Oct. 19.
As seen in the clip, Xiao Huanghuan picks up all the trash that he comes across whenever he goes out for a walk with his owner. Then, Mr. Yang raises his finger and points to the nearest trash bin.
Xiao Huanghuang, being a good pup that he is, knows exactly what to do. He goes and carefully places any rubbish that he stumbles upon inside the bin.
According to Mr. Yang, Xiao Huanghuang can also put trash into a cleaner’s dustpan, receiving a pat and thanks for a job well done. And now, people are praising him for being a helpful, good dog not only to his owner, but also to the environment.
Featured image via Pear Video
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