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China bans ‘sissy,’ effeminate men from TV

effeminate men are banned in China

China’s crackdown on its entertainment industry continues with a recent ban on “sissy men,” vulgar internet celebrities and reality talent shows, among other new measures. 

Industry “clean-up”: The National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) told broadcasters on Thursday to ban “sissy idols” who don’t follow “macho” male stereotypes, reported the South China Morning Post

Japan’s ‘Underground’ Boy Bands Are Charging Fans $10 Per Minute for ‘Finger Kisses’

“Underground” boy bands are gaining momentum in Japan by holding interactive sessions that bring them closer to fans — for a fee.

Unlike mainstream idols, underground boy bands, also known as menzu chika aidoru, have relatively more freedom in terms of their work and personal lives. Because they are not under huge entertainment labels, they also happen to be more accessible to the public.

Why I Always Cheer for the Asian Person

Every four years, people get hyped for the Olympics and watch a bunch of obscure sports like trampoline and rhythmic gymnastics just so they can claim patriotism when an athlete from their country wins. “The biathlon? OMG I love that sport!” says no one outside of Scandinavia.

For Asians, every TV show is like the Olympics, except we know no geographical boundaries. China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia — it doesn’t matter. I’ll even cheer on an Indian or Pakistani if they’re available because, you know, they’re technically Asian too. From “America’s Next Top Model” to “Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team” (yes, that’s a real show), I find myself continually rooting for the one Asian contestant available. Who cares if she can’t take a good picture and fights with everyone in the house? You do you, Gina!

BIGBANG Star Charged With Using Marijuana, Could Face 5 Years in Prison

BIGBANG star T.O.P. has been booked in Korea for consuming liquid marijuana through the use of a vape pen.

The 29-year-old K-pop star, who’s real name is Choi Seung Hyun, has been serving in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency band unit for his mandatory military service since February. He allegedly vaped the banned substance at his home in Seoul on at least three different occasions with a female friend in her 20s last October. Police reported that Choi’s female friend, who was also a K-pop trainee, had multiple drug offenses on her record, according to Allkpop.