The Wiggles’ latest member creates a new audience for the show: thirsty moms and gay men

The Wiggles’ latest member creates a new audience for the show: thirsty moms and gay men
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Iris Jung
January 26, 2023
Singer John Pearce, a Filipino Australian member of The Wiggles, has moms looking to join the group’s audience.
The Wiggles, an Australian musical group for young children, is a group not unfamiliar to families with young children. However, Pearce’s TikTok (@johnadamopearce) videos in and out of costume have caused waves online
“Good to know my daughter & I can both enjoy the wiggles now lmao,” a user jokingly wrote. 
“Why are the wiggles my new favorite band,” another user chimed in. 
“Damn. If the wiggles look like this, it’s time for my toddler to start watching them,” another commented. 
Pearce also recently showed off his dance skills to a remix of the group’s song “Fruit Salad,” prompting more “thirsty” responses.
“Where can I watch the wiggles? I mean where can my kids watch?” a user asked. 
“And once again I’m a wiggles fan 15 years later,” another user commented. 
His fans also include many men, some of whom have also openly admired Pearce’s looks in comments.
Commenting on a video of the Wiggles star dancing to his group’s “Do the Monkey” song, one male fan wrote, “That’s crazy, I just changed my name to Monkey.”
“PreK teachers love the wiggles too,” commented Mr. Williams, a prominent gay TikTok user.
The many comments didn’t go unnoticed, as Pearce posted a TikTok video as a reaction on Tuesday. 
In the video, Pearce walks in on himself reading the fawning comments in shock.
Initially gaining popularity after performing with Justice Crew on “Australia’s Got Talent” in 2010, Pearce announced his departure from the group in 2014 and joined the children’s band in 2021. 
However, to the disappointment of many, Pearce is married to Jessie Pearce with a child of their own. The family often takes time to share their loving relationship with their followers online. 
The Wiggles were initially formed in 1991, consisting of Greg Page, Jeff Fatt, Murray Cook and the group’s founder, Anthony Field. 
However, the original group disbanded in 2012, and a new iteration of The Wiggles would form in 2013.
The Wiggles would face another significant change in 2021 when the group debuted a new web series, “Fruit Salad TV,” and added four new members to the group. These additions included Pearce, along with Evie Ferris, Kelly Hamilton and Tsehay Hawkins, the group’s first women of color. 
The change came as Field displayed intent for the group to better reflect the diversity of society. 
“Seeking to inspire a diverse audience with its gender-balanced and diverse cast, Fruit Salad TV is sure to put a smile on the faces of children all around the world who see themselves reflected on the screen,” the official Wiggles’ Instagram explained.
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