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China Now Has Stealth Bird Drones to Spy on Its People

As if their impressive Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) wasn’t enough, China now takes its anti-terrorism and security to a whole new level by deploying dove-like drones to watch over its citizens.

Over 30 military and government agencies have already launched and deployed birdlike drones, which are being developed in a project aptly dubbed “Dove,” in at least five provinces in the recent years, according to sources who came forward and told South China Morning Post.

China is Now Selling Their Deadliest Drone For Half the Price of America’s

The American Military’s Reaper drone might have been impressive, but it’s Chinese counterpart claims to be way better. General Atomics’ Predator B “Reaper” drone prides itself in being the world’s first military-capable unmanned aerial vehicle.

However, China has now come up with something that they claim is better and more cost efficient than the Predator — meet the CH-5 Rainbow, a drone that can carry 16 missiles and fly for about 120 hours.

This Photographer Uses Drones to Capture the Most Unique Wedding Photos

Drones can be used for everything nowadays — to deliver packages, put on light shows or even be used as weapons of war. But one innovative photographer uses drones to capture new perspectives of couples for their weddings and vacations.

Photographers using technology to expand the creativity of their art isn’t new, but you’ve never seen wedding photos like this.

Facebook Unveils Massive Solar Drone That Will Provide Internet to Rural Areas

Facebook just built a drone that will be able to beam broadband internet to areas across the globe that cannot currently access the internet.

Connectivity Lab, a Facebook initiative to develop new technology to provide internet accessibility for everyone, recently finalized their new drone called Aquila, according to CNN Money. The project was initiated in 2014 after Facebook acquired U.K.-based drone company Ascenta.