Drone Footage Captures Nanjing Above the City’s Terrible Air Pollution

Drone Footage Captures Nanjing Above the City’s Terrible Air Pollution
Ryan General
November 29, 2018
China’s air pollution remains a major issue in the country, posing a significant threat to Chinese public health.
Despite Beijing’s concerted effort to reduce high concentrations of air pollution across the country in recent years, skies in certain areas are still covered with clouds of dark smog.
According to Shanghaiist, eastern China was heavily covered in a thick layer of smog and fog on Wednesday, prompting authorities to warn residents to stay indoors. In some areas, roads were closed and flights were even cancelled.
Image via China News
Interestingly, however, images have recently emerged online showing a different perspective of the thick smog from above the city of Nanjing.
Through the gray clouds, the city’s skyscrapers emerge in breathtaking imagery captured by drone.
The smog is too thick that it even engulfed the traffic below.
The view also captured the nearby city of Suzhou.
The Chinese government committed to a roadmap that aimed to combat air pollution throughout the country in 2014. While China has a long way to go, there have been noticeable improvements in air quality in some parts of the country.
NGO Greenpeace East Asia found earlier this year that concentrations of PM 2.5 — the smallest polluting particles which pose the greatest health risks — were 54% lower in the Chinese capital of Beijing during the fourth quarter of 2017 than during the same period of 2016.
Featured images via China News
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