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Japanese court sentences yakuza boss to death for the first time in history

Yakuza boss, Kudo-kai head Satoru Nomura

A court in Japan issued a historic ruling by sentencing a Yakuza boss to death on Aug. 24 for his alleged involvement in four assaults, which killed one of the victims.

The case: The public hearing linked Kudo-kai head Satoru Nomura, 74, and his second-in-command Fumio Tanoue, 65, to the civilian attacks purportedly carried out by Kudo-kai members, reported Mainichi

12 charged for burglaries worth $2.1 million on Asian American victims in Georgia

Burglaries items

Twelve suspects were indicted earlier this month for targeting Asian American homes in Georgia’s Gwinnett County since 2019, authorities announced on Tuesday.

The allegations: The suspects are accused of forcing their way into the victims’ homes to steal money and designer valuables, including jewelry, watches and handbags. Overall, they managed to swipe about 200 items worth $2.1 million.

Family of Navy Veteran files wrongful death lawsuit against Antioch PD, accuses chief of cover-up

Navy veteran being restrained by officers

New details have emerged as the family of Angelo Quinto, the Filipino American man who died while being restrained by Antioch police, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the department and accused the police chief of cover-up.

What happened: Antioch police responded to the family’s home on Dec. 23, 2020, after Isabella, his sister, called 911 while Quinto was going through a mental health crisis.

‘Drunk’ women break into Xi’an Famous Foods in NYC to cook and steal dumplings

A pair of “drunk” women allegedly broke into a Chinese restaurant in New York City to satisfy a late-night craving for dumplings.

How they did it: The trespassers managed to break into the Chelsea location of Xi’an Famous Foods after an electronic lock disengaged due to a temporary power failure in their door mechanism, founder Jason Wang said.

Elderly Asian Woman Found Headless in the UK May Have Been Killed Due to Her Race, Group Says


A 67-year-old woman whose body was found decapitated in southwest England may have been killed because she was Asian, according to a campaign group.

What happened: Mee Kuen Chong was last seen in the Wembley area of London on June 10 and was reported missing the next day. She was found headless in the woods near Bennett Road in Salcombe, Devon County on June 27, according to the BBC.

Alleged Drug Lord Called ‘Asia’s El Chapo’ Fighting Extradition to Australia

Alleged drug kingpin Tse Chi Lop, who the media has called the Asian “El Chapo,” is contesting extradition from the Netherlands to Australia. 

Wanted in Australia: The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has accused Tse of being “the senior leader of the Sam Gor syndicate,” which allegedly imported and distributed illicit narcotics in Australia for years, reported ABC/Reuters. The AFP, which led an international counter-narcotics investigation targeting the group, issued an arrest warrant for Tse in 2019.