Watch: Man gets ignored by customers while trying to rob Atlanta nail salon

Watch: Man gets ignored by customers while trying to rob Atlanta nail salon
Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta
Bryan Ke
July 11, 2023
The Atlanta Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying a man who was ignored while trying to rob a nail salon on July 3.
What happened: A security camera captured the man entering Nail First, a nail salon in Atlanta, with his hand inside a bag, seemingly giving the impression that he is concealing a weapon, as seen in the footage shared by Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta on Friday.
After entering the salon, the man is seen immediately yelling for everyone to get down and give him their money.
One patron eventually stands up with her hands raised slightly while the others remain quietly seated, watching the man as he becomes increasingly frustrated. He then approaches the standing patron and grabs her phone from her hand before allowing her to step outside and stand by the store’s entrance.
Falling on deaf ears: The other patrons continue to ignore the man, as does an Asian man behind the counter, who even accepts a call while the robber continues to yell his demands.
The robber then stands in the middle of the salon, seemingly confused and exasperated. He eventually leaves the salon, and on his way out, he casually asks the woman outside if she has money, to which she replies she does not.
Other details: An Atlanta Police Department representative told KTLA that detectives managed to recover the woman’s phone.
Witnesses reportedly said the man was wearing a blue hat, sunglasses and blue jeans and fled the scene in a silver sedan. Police are still investigating the case.

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