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Alleged Rioter Bailed Out Twice Before Arrested Again With Guns, Cocaine


A Minnesota man who was bailed out twice by the Minnesota Freedom Fund has been arrested again and is now facing charges for alleged possession of firearms and a controlled substance.

New charges: Thomas Moseley, 29, was arrested for the third time on Jan. 27 and is facing three new felony counts of fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance while in possession of a firearm, according to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office via Fox News.

2 Men Found Guilty of Killing 39 Vietnamese Migrants Trafficked into the UK

Vietnamese migrants

Two men have been convicted in the manslaughter of 39 Vietnamese migrants who were smuggled to the U.K. in a refrigerated trailer last year.

The victims, aged 15 to 44, initially thought to be Chinese, suffocated to death after being sealed in the unit for at least 12 hours, with temperatures reaching an “unbearable” 38.5 degrees Celsius (101 degrees Fahrenheit).

Indian Woman Dies After Alleged Rapists Set Her on Fire on Her Way to Court

indian woman

An Indian woman scheduled to attend a court hearing as a plaintiff of a rape case has died after a group of five men — including two of her alleged rapists — set her on fire.

The woman, who claimed to have been raped last December, was about to board a train in the district of Unnao, state of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday when the group doused her in kerosene then set her on fire.

Asian Parents Sued By Daughters After Leaving Most of $6.8 Million to Sons

The Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled that four Indo-Canadian sisters must inherit a much larger proportion of their parents’ estate, demonstrating the law’s power over traditional values.

In their parents’ original will, each of the sisters would have only received C$150,000 (US$114,000) from a C$9 million (US$ 6.8 million) estate, or a minuscule 1.7% of the total.

Otto Warmbier’s Parents Demand $1.1 Billion From North Korea Over Son’s D‌e‌a‌t‌h

Otto Warmbier’s parents are demanding $1.1 billion from North Korea in compensation for their son’s d‌e‌at‌h.

Warmbier was a‌rr‌est‌e‌d for allegedly ste‌al‌in‌g a propaganda poster in January 2016. Originally se‌n‌te‌nc‌e‌d to 15 years of hard labor, he returned to the U.S. in a co‌m‌a and ‌d‌‌i‌e‌‌‌d later in June 2017.

EXCLUSIVE: Lil Tay’s Father Ac‌cu‌sed of Inapp‌ropr‌iate Nu‌dity‌, Ab‌u‌se and Child Neglect in Court Documents

Infamous child star Lil Tay is back in the spotlight after recent all‌egat‌ion‌s of child ab‌us‌e against her father surfaced.

NextShark exclusively obtained the official statements that reveal details of this alleged a‌bu‌se which involves inapp‌ro‌pri‌ate n‌ud‌ity, locking the child in a dark closet, forcing Lil Tay to watch grue‌som‌e horr‌or‌ movies and n‌eglect‌ing to feed her. We have confirmed that the email we received, along with the official court orders, affidavits, and other documents regarding the detailed accounts of this a‌bu‌s‌e have come directly from Lil Tay’s family and official management team.