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Group of teens detained for burying man alive in China

  • Eight teenagers connected to the assault and death of a 21-year-old man in Yongchang County in the Chinese province of Gansu between July 29 and July 30 have been arrested, authorities said in a statement on Tuesday.
  • The incident reportedly occurred in late July after a 14-year-old boy identified by the name Guo asked for the help of seven other accomplices, six of whom were later discovered to be “street gangsters,” to beat up the man known only as Mao.
  • The group allegedly beat up the man while a girl filmed the act and later posted the video on Chinese social media on Aug. 8.
  • Guo and his group were accused of taking Mao’s comatose body and burying him alive on a hillside.
  • Mao’s lifeless body was found on Aug. 1 after his mother reported him missing on July 30, according to reports.

A group of teenagers has been arrested for beating up a man and burying his comatose body in Yongchang County in the Chinese province of Gansu last month.

In a statement on Tuesday, Gansu province police announced the arrest of eight teenagers connected to the murder of a 21-year-old man known only as Mao.

Father who was beaten and ‘left for dead’ near Chicago Chinatown wakes up from coma

  • Jin Yut Lew recently woke up from his coma after being brutally beaten and “left for dead” near Chinatown in Chicago on April 7.
  • The Chinese father was transferred to a long-term care center, according to his family.
  • While his memory and speech are not back, Lew can now follow commands with his hands and respond to some questions with head nods.
  • The victim was previously diagnosed with severe brain trauma and underwent brain surgeries after he was carjacked, robbed and brutally beaten in the head with a blunt object.
  • No arrests in relation to the assault have been made. The Cook County Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the suspect.

A father who was brutally beaten and “left for dead” near Chinatown in Chicago last month recently woke up from his coma.

Jin Yut Lew was transferred to a long-term care center, according to his family. 

Woman suffers ‘most severe grade’ of traumatic brain injury after July 4 crash, driver still at large

brain injury

A woman who spent nearly two weeks in a coma after shielding her daughter from a crashing vehicle has reportedly been diagnosed with the worst case of a traumatic brain injury.

What happened: Lam Nguyen, 44, and her daughter, Nhung Pham, 22, were watching fireworks in Anaheim, Calif., on Independence Day when a gray Chevy pickup truck plowed into the crowd they were standing with. Nguyen instinctively tried to protect Pham and consequently absorbed most of the impact.

Gay Asian man who fell into a coma after brutal attack is making ‘tremendous progress’ in recovery

Joshua Dowd

A gay Asian man who fell into a coma following a brutal attack in Atlanta last month, is now making “tremendous progress” in his recovery.

Courageous recovery: Joshua Dowd, 28, had a very active day on Saturday as he tried to move his head, both of his arms and his legs following the incident, according to the recent update on his GoFundMe page.

Woman Wakes Up From 4-Month Coma After Listening to Jay Chou

A woman from central China’s Hubei province, who fell into a coma late last year, woke up after hearing Taiwanese megastar Jay Chou‘s single “Rosemary.”

The 24-year-old woman, whose name was not revealed in the reports, fell into a coma in November 2017 after suffering from a brain dysfunction caused by a lack of oxygen, according to Wuhan Evening News via South China Morning Post. The woman’s condition reportedly got severe through the months to the point that her heart stopped beating three times and her kidneys and lungs were severely damaged.

Chinese Teen Falls in a Coma After High School Makes Her Stand Outside in the Cold as Punishment

A teenager from Guigang, in southern China’s Guangxi Province, was left in a deep state of coma with multiple organ failure after she was allegedly made to stand outside on a chilly night as punishment.

Yang Haoyue, a student of Guigang City Daxu Township Second Junior High School, who is believed to be 13 or 14, was rushed to the hospital on the evening of Nov. 29, Chinese media, The Paper, reported via South China Morning Post.