Taiwanese Nurse Shocked After Boyfriend Arrives at Hospital in a Coma — With His Mistress

Taiwanese Nurse Shocked After Boyfriend Arrives at Hospital in a Coma — With His Mistress
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
October 12, 2017
A Taiwanese nurse was furious and shocked to find out that her boyfriend and his mistress were rushed to the hospital she works at after they got into a car accident and he fell into a coma.
She decided to post all of her emotions on Facebook, angrily writing: “I hope you never wake up.”
The story was first posted in the Facebook group Complain Boyfriend (靠北男友), and was written by an anonymous user, presumably the frustrated nurse, ETNews reported.
It began one evening when the nurse was working her night shift at a hospital in Tainan, Taiwan. Her boyfriend of three years, whose name has been withheld, texted her that he was going to sleep, and she trusted him.
However, her life began to crumble one hour later. She saw her boyfriend being brought in to the hospital in an ambulance following the car accident, and it got even worse when the nurse discovered that he was with his mistress when it happened.
Her boyfriend’s mistress, who was conscious when she was brought in, suffered abrasions from the crash. The man, unfortunately, was in a much worse condition — he was already in a serious coma.
Curious as to what exactly happened, the nurse asked an attending physician about their story. He said that the two were driving to Kaohsiung to “play” when the accident occurred.
As I listened from the side and wearing my surgical mask, my heart started to bleed, I saw they had same smartphones and wear the same bracelets. That girl even asked: ‘Excuse me, how’s my boyfriend doing?’ I could only stare as she tended him by his bedside, and nervously cry, she said, as translated by Taiwan News.
Many netizens were pretty vocal about the story:
“Don’t save him, give it up. Did he sign up to donate his organs?”
“Directly contact the mortuary.”
“God has eyes, he let you see the true face of trash clearly.”
“Why don’t you stick him with the thickest No. 18 needle?”
“This car crash is his karma.”
“If I were you, I would tell that girl that your boyfriend died in the car accident.”
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