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10 Surprising Facts About Asian American Civil Rights You Never Learned in School

Asian American Civil Rights

Asian American history has never been the focus of teaching curriculums in American schools. As a community, we’re often treated as perpetual foreigners despite having a rich history within the United States dating back to centuries ago.

Although school lessons briefly gloss over the poor treatment of Chinese railroad workers in the 1800s and the Japanese concentration camps, a few sentences in the footnote of a history book will never be enough to accurately describe the atrocities Asians faced in America nor give the appropriate recognition to the civil rights heroes within our own communities who fought against these injustices.

‘Go Back to China Where You Belong’: Racist Incident Caught on Video in Canada

A racist tirade by a middle-aged White woman was caught on video at a parking lot in Richmond City, Canada. 

The footage of the verbal attack on Friday afternoon surfaced on social media, prompting an ongoing investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The video shows two cars parked bumper to bumper, with one of them crossing the white line dividing the two spots.

Thailand to Legalize Same-Sex Civil Unions in Support of LGBTQ Rights

The Thai LGBTQ community has finally earned a long-sought victory as the country is working on a bill that would recognize same-sex civil unions by the end of the year.

Earlier this year, the Justice Minister started drafting the Civil Partnership Bill after 60,000 people signed a petition that aimed to restart discussions on a 2013 bill supporting LGBTQ rights.

The Man Responsible For ‘Birthright Citizenship’ is Chinese American

Wong Kim Ark is not a household name; at some point, the man’s descendants barely knew him, too. Yet his story is one that needs retelling in these relevant times of uncertainty, when becoming “American” seems more complicated than ever.

That’s because Wong, the son of Chinese immigrants, won a case against the United States which reiterated that everyone born in the country, regardless of their race or color, is an American citizen.

The Guardian Under Fire For Racism After Using ‘Chinks’ in Football Match Coverage

Earlier today, Australia defeated China 3-0 in a friendly women’s football game in Melbourne. The Guardian covered the event live on their website — all was well until they published their final update.

A part of the text, written by Mike Hynter, sports editor of Guardian Australia, reads, “a few chinks at the back aside, they gave no indication that China could get into the game, despite the visitors’ clear talent in their ranks.”

School Board Candidates Targeted By Racist Fliers Win in Landslide Victory

After suffering through racist campaign mailers targeted at them, two Asian American school board candidates in Edison, New Jersey have won the School Board Election in a landslide victor.

Jerry Shi and Falguni Patel were elected with 6,259 and 6,115 votes respectively and will serve a three-year term on the Edison Township Public Schools board.