Asian American groups call for resignation of SF Board of Education president

Asian American groups call for resignation of SF Board of Education presidentAsian American groups call for resignation of SF Board of Education president
NBC Bay Area
Michelle De Pacina
June 2, 2023
Asian American groups are calling for the resignation of San Francisco Board of Education (BoE) President Kevine Boggess for purportedly supporting a “racially discriminatory” selection process for the city’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC).
On May 23, civil rights, advocacy and community organizations issued a letter to Boggess and the members of the school board addressing a September 2022 issue, when the board rejected a Chinese American from the council due to racial quotas. 
PAC Coordinator Michelle Jacques-Menegaz reportedly told the applicant that the office had “received more applications for our Chinese community than could be accommodated.”
To explain the rejections to Asian American applicants, Jacques-Menegaz told PAC members to “tell them Chinese American seats are filled.”
Due to several complaints about the slate selection process, Boggess discussed the slate at a May 9 board meeting. 
However, Boggess approved the proposed slate and denied claims of racial discrimination despite objections made by fellow BoE commissioners and members of the public.  
“I felt that they did follow the Brown Act in that there was not any discriminatory practices that they engaged in as a PAC, is what they have relayed to me, and that they feel confident in the nominations they brought forth and the process that they’ve gone through,” Boggess said, according to Kron 4.
The Asian American groups claimed that Boggess violated California’s Constitution, which states:  The State shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.
In the letter, the coalition argued that Boggess’s actions “have broken trust with many in [their] community.”
“San Francisco prides itself on values of equality and civil rights, but President Boggess’ actions fall short of vindicating those values. Accordingly, we call upon Mr. Boggess to immediately resign from his role as board president,” the letter concluded. 
The Asian American groups include Asian American Voters, Asian Leaders Alliance, ACE Nextgen, Compassion in Oakland/San Francisco, Dear Community, Delta Chinatown Initiative, Elimin8hate, Stand with Asians and Stand with Asian Americans.
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