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Chocolate Biscuits From Spain Called ‘Filipinos’ Spark Controversy Again in The Philippines

A chocolate-covered biscuit brand bearing the name “Filipinos” has caught the attention of an official in the Philippines after it was discovered that it is now being sold locally in the Philippines.

The snack from Spain, labeled with the caption “chocolate negro,” has sparked controversy in the past for having the same name as the people of the Philippines.

Japanese Noodle Shop Launches Limited-Time Chocolate Pork Ramen for Valentine’s Day

A Japanese noodle chain has recently launched its limited-time chocolate ramen just in time for the Valentine’s Day season.

The ramen, despite it’s name, is not entirely made out of chocolate. According to Grapee, the base of the soup is actually soy sauce but the ramen chain, Kourakuen, added cacao oil as well as a whole chocolate bar to give it a rich chocolate look.

Why Japan is So Obsessed With Kit Kat

To say that the Japanese people have a special affinity to Kit Kat would be a total understatement.  

Home to the best varieties of Kit Kat on the planet, Japan is the only place where one can find unique flavors ranging from baked goods (Cinnamon Cookie, Strawberry Cheesecake) to beverages (Matcha-Green Tea, Hojicha Roasted Tea), and fruits (Shinshu Apple, Banana) and vegetables ( Purple Sweet Potato, Hot Japanese Chili).

Japan Will Soon Sell ‘Ruby Chocolate’ Kit Kat Bars

Nestle Japan, in partnership with Barry Callebaut, has announced a limited edition flavor for the “fourth type of chocolate” called “Ruby Sublime Kit Kat.”

The Ruby chocolate, which was developed by Zurich-based company Barry Callebaut, is the newest type of chocolate that came out in the market since Nestle unveiled its white chocolate variant more than 80 years ago, The Guardian reported.

What’s Inside a $900 Box of Japanese Chocolates

For those who are on the lookout for something really special to give their loved ones this Valentine’s day, consider this box of chocolates from a Japanese chocolate brand.

Beautifully packaged and uniquely prepared, the “Tea Connection: Fresh Chocolates from Three Uji Teas” from chocolate brand Sils Maria is certainly not your average box of treats. It is also not cheap, according to RocketNews24.