What’s Inside a $900 Box of Japanese Chocolates

What’s Inside a $900 Box of Japanese ChocolatesWhat’s Inside a $900 Box of Japanese Chocolates
Ryan General
January 31, 2017
For those who are on the lookout for something really special to give their loved ones this Valentine’s day, consider this box of chocolates from a Japanese chocolate brand.
Beautifully packaged and uniquely prepared, the “Tea Connection: Fresh Chocolates from Three Uji Teas” from chocolate brand Sils Maria is certainly not your average box of treats. It is also not cheap, according to RocketNews24.
A box of the goodies, which comes with three varieties of quality tea, costs 100,000 yen, or around $900. Made with some help from 150-year-old tea retailer Tsuji Rihei Honten, the chocolates are packaged in sets of 20 pieces and are available in three varieties:
Matcha fresh chocolate with hand-picked tencha
THis variety contains the powdered green tea called matcha, which is produced from stone-ground tencha tea leaves harvested in Uji.
Along with the matcha, the ingredients include Belgian white chocolate, cream, and a touch of champagne to highlight the tea and chocolate scents.
Fresh chocolate with roasted stem Uji Gyokuro tea
Fused with the flavors of hoji-cha (roasted tea) from the stem of valuable Gyokuro tea grown in Uji, the chocolates also contain some whiskey for flavor.
Grown in the shade for over 20 days, the high-quality premium Gyokuro tea leaves are then roasted and stone ground to create hoji-cha.
Fresh Chocolate with outdoor grown Uji sencha (green tea)
Made from Belgian white chocolate, these treats are mixed with stone-ground Uji green tea that is grown in the open. Some sake is also added to further bring out the flavor of the green tea.
Sils Maria is known for producing rich-tasting, fresh, ganache-like chocolate called nama-choco (raw chocolate), and with Tsuji Rihei Honten’s equally popular tea products, the boxes of chocolates may indeed be worth the expensive price tag.
As an added bonus, each box includes three packets of the teas used in making the chocolates: hand-picked matcha, two packets of the roasted stem Gyokuro tea, and three packets of the Uji sencha.
While official sales are set to begin on February 1, advance orders are already welcome. Orders for the chocolate sets may be placed directly from Sils Maria by phone at 0463-33-2181.
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