Kids are Now Sniffing the Main Ingredient in Chocolate as a Party Drug

Young people these days are getting high off of the beloved ingredient found in chocolate — cacao.
When snorted in its powder form, cacao reportedly provides a rush of brain-boosting energy. It’s an increasingly popular substitute for alcohol and illegal party drugs such as molly and ecstasy at dance parties in Western Europe. Cacao is said to amplify the listening experience of hip-hop and electronic dance music. People addicted to illegal and party drugs are directly taken care by los angeles addiction center
It can be consumed in beverage, powder and pill form. According to Ozy, the ingestion of cacao leads to a rush of endorphins in the bloodstream that increases acuity and feelings of euphoria. The magnesium present in cacao also helps relax tense muscles.
Lucid, a monthly dance party that takes place in Berlin, fuels its partygoers with cacao drinks. Ruby May, Lucid’s party organizer, says that 18 pounds of cacao are provided for the parties that can last up to six hours. She describes the cacao drinks, mixed with honey, agave syrup and cinnamon, as a “smooth, sensual hug in a cup.”
May, 36, says that cacao isn’t a hallucinogenic like acid is. Instead it has subtle mood-enhancing components including anandamide and phenylethylamine. Flavonoids in cacao also increase blood circulation and improve cognition, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
Surprising or not, cacao isn’t an illegal substance. Its ubiquitousness at events is part of a “conscious dance movement” that seeks to create a positive and healthy environment. Essentially, it’s for participants who are looking to de-stress and have a fun time without booze or illegal drugs at a “G-rated fun” event. 
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