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Chinese toddlers’ ‘ninja’-like physical education routine at school goes viral

  • A video shared on Twitter of Chinese kindergartners showing off their impressive athletic skills in a school’s physical education class has gone viral.
  • The young students are seen moving in perfect coordination with each other, dribbling a ball in each hand as they shift their legs around.
  • The video has garnered over 70,000 views and 1,400 likes since being uploaded on Sunday.

A video shared to Twitter by a former Norwegian diplomat shows Chinese toddlers implementing swift moves while moving in perfect coordination during a physical education class.

The video, posted on Sunday by Erik Solheim, shows a group of young Chinese students sitting outside where they move in perfect unison while bouncing a basketball in each hand. Using flawless coordination, the young students continue to bounce the basketballs as they shift their legs from side to side. At the end of the video, the toddlers suspend their legs in the air as they bounce the basketballs without hesitation or mistakes.

Cornell students from China jeer, walk out on Uyghur student who asked lawmaker about Uyghur genocide

  • A group of international Chinese students from Cornell University allegedly booed Rizwangul NurMuhammad, an Uyghur student and Fulbright scholar, during a public service career talk last week.
  • NurMuhammad asked guest speaker Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) about why the U.S. and the international community have spoken up against Russia for invading Ukraine yet remain quiet on the issue of the alleged genocide of the Uyghurs in China.
  • As Slotkin tried responding to NurMuhammad’s question, the Chinese students reportedly walked out.
  • Around 88 students signed an email that was sent to Cornell Institute of Public Affairs faculty members the following day, explaining that the walkout was due to the “extremely hostile” environment the talk’s Chinese attendees were put in. “At that moment, we were not sitting in a classroom; we were crucified in a courtroom for crimes that we did not commit,” they wrote.
  • In a faculty-wide email, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs Director Professor Matt Hall said the discussion of the atrocities against the “Uyghur people are valuable points of discussion and critical to promoting open dialogue. At the same time, we must also respect that walkouts are a legitimate form of protest and an appropriate expression of disapproval.”

A group of international Chinese students from Cornell University staged a walkout and allegedly booed an Uyghur student during a public service career talk last week.

The walkout occurred after Fulbright scholar Rizwangul NurMuhammad spoke during the question-and-answer portion of a talk that was part of a weekly speaker series for the students of Cornell University’s Master in Public Administration program on Thursday.

Arkansas Senator Wants to Ban Chinese Students From Studying ‘Advanced’ Science and Tech in the US

Convinced that China is out to steal intellectual property, a Republican senator from Arkansas has suggested banning Chinese students from studying advanced scientific and technological fields in the U.S.

U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, who blamed China for “unleashing” the coronavirus, said that he has “little doubt” about Chinese intelligence services actively trying to steal American research toward a vaccine.

Woman Loses Job After Harassing Asian Students With Racist Messages

Kathryn Ralph, Ph.D., used to be on every social media platform. Now, her accounts can no longer be found after she racially harassed students of Asian descent online.

An alumna of the University of Notre Dame, Ralph is reportedly completing her postdoctoral degree at the university’s psychology department. She previously had a respectable position at Heterodox Academy, a non-profit advocacy group of professors that aims to “broaden the diversity of opinions on college and university campuses.”

9 Chinese Exchange Students Denied Entry to the U.S., Sent Back to China

Nine exchange students returning to Arizona State University from China were stopped and temporarily detained by Customs and Border Protection at Los Angeles International Airport.

University officials said in a statement on Friday that the Chinese students were “denied admission to the U.S. to continue their studies” and were sent back to China “over the last weekas they were returning for the fall semester.

Chinese Flight Student Commits Suicide Due to Alleged Racial Discrimination at Texas School

The U.S. Aviation Academy in Denton, Texas is being accused of negligence and racially discriminatory practices after a Chinese flight student committed suicide on campus.

Yang Yan, 21, believed to be from Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, was found dead on the morning on April 16th in the aviation school’s dormitory. His death was ruled as a suicide.

Chinese High School Only Lets Top Students Enjoy Air-Conditioning

air condition

A high school in central China is facing backlash online after announcing that only its top students can study in rooms with air conditioning. 

Shangqiu No. 4 Senior High School, located in Henan province, mandated that only two classes of seniors with the highest grades can study in air-conditioned rooms, leaving the rest in uncomfortable conditions in the upcoming summer months.

Bus Company Must Pay $100,000 for Mocking Chinese International Students

A bus company in Champaign, Illinois has coughed up a six-figure payment in a legal battle that stemmed from an email advertisement in which they mocked Chinese students.

Suburban Express, which operates between college campuses and the Chicago area, claimed that “You won’t feel like you’re in China when you’re on our buses,” an apparent sneer at the large population of Chinese students at the University of Illinois’s Urbana-Champaign campus.

University of Liverpool Faces ‌B‌ac‌klas‌h After Saying ‘Chinese students are usually unfamiliar with the word ‌ch‌ea‌ting’

chinese students

The University of Liverpool sp‌ar‌ked outr‌age after allegedly singling out Chinese students in an a‌nt‌i-che‌at‌ing notice released ahead of exams this month.

In its email, the university’s Student Welfare and Guidance department war‌ned aga‌inst “unintentional exam misconduct or intentional ch‌eati‌ng,” pointing out possible repercussions such as f‌ail‌ure, su‌spe‌nsion or te‌rmin‌ati‌on of studies.

Latest Brutal Attack on Chinese Students Highlights Australia’s Problem With Racism

Last week’s horrific, unprovoked attack on a pair of Chinese students at a bus stop in Canberra, Australia could be a turning point on how Australia will be perceived by the Chinese as a potential destination for higher education, observers have noted.

On Monday, two international students were reportedly attacked by at least two local teenagers at around 7:30 p.m. at the Woden bus interchange. The incident, which sent one of the victims to the hospital, has been widely covered by Chinese media and generally condemned on local social media platforms.