These Chinese College Students are Taking Their Studies Way Too Far

Chinese students seem to be taking their studies to another level, literally.
A Shandong Normal University student recently scared his fellow students when he was spotted studying on the ledge of the fifth floor of his building. The male student could be seen casually crouched on the narrow ledge outside his window with a book open in hand.
Another photo shows a female student at the same university studying outside her one story window. While it’s uncertain how this strange phenomenon began, netizens have offered their speculations.
According to Shanghaiist, one person wrote:
“Straight- A students are the best at everything, they don’t even have acrophobia.”
Another person commented:
“You guys don’t understand what it’s like for straight-A students. They need to escape from all the stupid people around them.”
Who knows what they’re thinking. Perhaps, they’re stressed out by the intensity of their classes. Maybe, those students are trying to avoid the secondhand smoke from their roommates.
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