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‘Grow Some F*cking Balls’: China Mac Rips Into Asian Celebrities Staying Silent About Racism

China Mac

China Mac has been vocal against the racist violence Asian Americans have been experiencing amid the COVID-19 pandemic — and he wants others to step up too.

The Brooklyn-born rapper, whose real name is Raymond Yu, slammed President Donald Trump in March for using the term “Chinese virus,” saying that it jeopardizes his family’s safety.

Dear Asians: Leave the N-Word Alone

Certain things shouldn’t have to be explained. When our friends ask us to respect their boundaries, to avoid doing things that play with scars they’ve built over time, we tend to oblige them. But despite members of the Black community in America constantly expressing discomfort and disdain for non-Black people using the controversial word, non-Black people still seem to insist.

Maybe it’s because there are also members of the Black community who seem to take no issue with it. Maybe it’s because these non-Black people don’t seem to know any members of the Black community. Or maybe it’s because people haven’t read works like this Twitter thread: