‘Grow Some F*cking Balls’: China Mac Rips Into Asian Celebrities Staying Silent About Racism

‘Grow Some F*cking Balls’: China Mac Rips Into Asian Celebrities Staying Silent About Racism
Carl Samson
April 28, 2020
China Mac has been vocal against the racist violence Asian Americans have been experiencing amid the COVID-19 pandemic — and he wants others to step up too.
The Brooklyn-born rapper, whose real name is Raymond Yu, slammed President Donald Trump in March for using the term “Chinese virus,” saying that it jeopardizes his family’s safety.
Last week, China Mac spoke to podcaster Adam Grandmaison, better known as Adam22, to condemn the attacks against Asian Americans and to explain why he talks about them all the time.
“The reason why I talk about it [Asian people being attacked] more fervently is because we don’t have the right representation. There’s nobody speaking up for the Asians except myself,” he said. “Anybody else who has the platform to do so, they don’t want static, they don’t want the drama, they don’t want the trolls.”
According to the rapper, this silence allows instigators of hate to continue without fear of repercussions.
“If you attack an Asian person, there’s really gonna be no repercussion. They’re just going to cry online and do whatever,” he said. “What else is happening?”
China Mac speaks to Adam22 of “No Jumper.” Image Screenshot via No Jumper
China Mac described how other minority communities tend to respond more aggressively to similar attacks, unlike Asians.
“When injustices happen to the Black people, they rally like this,” he said, snapping his fingers. “When injustices happen to the Jewish people, forget about it [ironically]! When things happen to gay people, oh my god…
“But when it happens to Asian people, it’s like, yeah, you hear a little beef, but there’s nothing real, there’s no real mobilization, there’s no real rallying…
“Because the people who have the platforms, they aren’t leaders.”
The rapper expressed hopes that Asians who have a platform speak up more for the community.
“I wish they grow some f*cking balls. I wish they grow some f*cking backbone and stand up and say something. The more we speak, the more we stand up, the more people see that [we are] not the ones they would be going for sh*t.”
While Asian Americans are being targeted in their own country, China Mac also cited how Black people are reportedly mistreated in China.
“From what I heard and what I know, is that they’re kicking Black people — Africans — out of their homes. They’re not letting people go into certain establishments, etc., and just have people sleeping on the streets just because of their race,” he said. “That’s really bad.”
He pointed out that this kind of hate does no good.
“When we start doing stuff like that, we see what happens. When [did] we start dictating how people live because of their race? We’ve seen that before,” China Mac said. “What Hitler did, what slavery in the United States [did]. We know what that type of hate can do.”
China Mac stressed that all the hate only shows how “stupid we are,” because the world, after all, is fighting a common enemy.
“The world is at war with a virus. A virus that knows no color,” he said. “It doesn’t care if you’re White, Yellow, Black, whatever. It doesn’t care. The virus is gonna attack you because you’re human.”
Watch the whole podcast at “No Jumper” below:
Feature Image Screenshots via No Jumper
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