‘I hate Asians’: YouTuber Charleston White draws backlash over violent, vulgar anti-Asian rant

‘I hate Asians’: YouTuber Charleston White draws backlash over violent, vulgar anti-Asian rant
via Charlston White (left)/ China Mac (right)
Ryan General
March 14, 2023
YouTuber Charleston White has sparked outrage after making threats and racist comments against the Asian community in a viral video.
In the video posted on March 12, the 52-year-old used derogatory terms to refer to Asian people and their culture while expressing support for hate crimes against them.

I hate Asians. We don’t give a f*ck about the gays, but I hate Asians. I hate Johnny Dang, I don’t eat Chinese food. The only time I ever wanted some Chinese p*ssy was at a bathhouse f*cking a Chinese sex lady. Chinese b*tches can’t suck d*ck good.

He suggested that Chinese businesses “should be robbed” and that Chinese women “should be r*ped brutally” by Black men who hate Chinese women. He then went on to insult rapper China Mac, who is of Chinese descent, and challenged him to a fight.
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In an Instagram video, China Mac responded by saying he would not stoop to White’s level, calling him a “clown” and a “coward.”

Let me make this very clear, Charleston White don’t speak for all Black people. He don’t! This ain’t a Black and Asian thing. This is a Charleston White thing, so we gon’ keep it on Charleston White. Charleston White, you a b*tch, right? You got a lotta foul stuff to say about my people, and we gon’ hold you accountable for that. Facts.

April 30, you gon’ be in New York City, right? You got a show at the Gramercy Theater with Akademiks, right? Akademiks, you stand by this, bro? Are you co-signing this? You co-signing this racism, this rhetoric, this bullsh*t? Because inquiring minds want to know bro.

Other Asian Americans and allies have also spoken against White’s remarks and denounced him as a bigot and a bully.
“Outrageous racist misogynist rant by sick mofo Charleston White,” New York State Senator John C. Liu wrote on Twitter. “Not welcome in New York! Any venue better cancel him.”
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“I’m disgusted with his hate message,” tweeted Assemblyman Lester Chang. “I served my country and been to war. I’ve always believed in the goodness of the American people and still do. But I might take exception on Mr White, unless he changes his message and apologizes.”
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White’s controversial video also led to the cancellation of his upcoming comedy show at the Sony Hall in New York on April 30 with Akademiks, a popular hip-hop commentator and podcast host. 
“I applaud Gramercy Theater for the cancellation of this show,” tweeted Susan Lee, a candidate for New York City Council. “Charleston White is an anti-Asian agitator. The vile, racist, misogynistic views of this so-called comedian and YouTube creator perpetuate hate and violence against a community that has experienced immense harm.”
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White, a former gang member known for his controversial opinions on a number of topics, has not issued an apology or retracted his statements as of Tuesday. 
He was sentenced to life in prison for murder when he was 14 years old but was released before his 21st birthday after serving seven years behind bars. 
An old video of White admitting to rape resurfaced recently, in which he claims he did it as revenge for being molested by a man when he was younger. Many were disgusted by his confession and called him out for being a rapist and a hypocrite.
His YouTube channel, The Real Charleston White, currently has over 227K subscribers.
On Monday, a video was posted to YouTube showing White being detained by law enforcement officials in Texas. The next day, he claimed on Instagram Live that he was picked up by the FBI after someone accused him of kidnapping women.

I got picked up by the FBI. While the FBI were picking me up, they was at my momma’s house. Somebody called the FBI with a picture when I bought that M50 two weeks ago. They emailed that picture to the FBI today, with me holding that M50 at the gun store. And they said that I got Asian girls, Now, this what the FBI said they said. They said I got Asian girls held hostage with Glocks, switches and bombs. What they did was, they was watching my Live! ‘Cause they watch my Live all the time.

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