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Manga artist Fujiko Fujio A, co-creator of Doraemon, passes away at 88

  • Fujiko Fujio A, the co-creator of the beloved character Doraemon, died at age 88 on Thursday.
  • Fujio A, whose real name was Motoo Abiko, was found inside his home in Kawasaki.
  • Abiko met his eventual Doraemon co-creator in high school, where the two began working together to produce the manga released in 1969.
  • Some of Abiko’s other well known children’s manga include “Ninja Hattori” and Little Ghost-Q-Taro.”

Fujiko Fujio A, the co-creator of the popular children’s cartoon character Doraemon, passed away at age 88 on Thursday.

The Japanese cartoonist, whose real name is Motoo Abiko, was found inside his home near Tokyo. 

Ex-Comedy Central Animator Creates Racist Cartoon Sexualizing Asian Women

Sven Stoffels

Sven Stoffels, an animator, and illustrator who has worked with companies such as Comedy Central and CollegeHumor, is being called out as racist after releasing an offensive cartoon sexualizing Asian women and connecting them to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stoffels, who has worked as an animator for the Comedy Central show, “TripTank”, as well as an animation director for the CollegeHumor Originals series,  “Infinity War of Infinite Avengers” posted the video to Twitter on April 22.

Cartoon About 3 Bears and a Korean Girl is the Representation We’ve Been Waiting For

asian representation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years, you’ve likely come across the ever popular Cartoon Network series, “We Bare Bears” — the story of three adorable bear brothers and a Korean child genius. The unique show features a bilingual Korean American family and their daughter, Chloe, as they introduce the bears to traditional Korean foods and customs.