Japanese Artist Shows What Happens When He Goes Up Against His Own Drawing

Japanese Artist Shows What Happens When He Goes Up Against His Own DrawingJapanese Artist Shows What Happens When He Goes Up Against His Own Drawing
An artist from Japan took to Twitter to share an amusing scenario where he goes up against his very own creation.
The Japanese artist, known as @hondaosamu on Twitter, used a stop-motion clip depicting his epic battle against a particularly rebellious doodle.
The clip itself portrays an angry bald man as he tries to engage the artist in an epic showdown that lasts over two minutes long. Just when viewers think that this drawing stays within the boundaries of 2D, this doodle begins walking out of the paper and into the real world.
The artist then finds himself in a troubling situation as his doodle attempts to end his very life. Unfortunately for the artist, the doodle manages to grab a gun and proceeds to shoot him. 
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Given the animation’s unexpected twist, the artist gave an explanation as to how the situation started in the first place.
“I pestered the person I drew but I didn’t think he’d get this mad. Everyone, please be careful,” @hondaosamu added.
Despite the clip’s unusual conclusion, netizens found the clip very amusing. One Twitter user was very appreciative of the clip saying, “This idea is truly amazing, thank you very much!”
According to SoraNews24, the animated clip is already garnering a lot of attention even exceeding 87,000 retweets with over 150,000 likes.
This isn’t the first time an artist versus doodle creation exploded into pop culture. The artist’s clip is reminiscent to an episode of the popular cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants featuring a similar situation. In the episode “Frankendoodle“, the series’ protagonist fought a sinister doodle that he himself created.
Needless to say, any scenario featuring artist vs creation makes for some pretty good entertainment.
Feature Image Screenshot via Twitter/Hondaosamu
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