‘Tom and Jerry’ get kawaii for new Japanese animated series

‘Tom and Jerry’ get kawaii for new Japanese animated series
Michelle De Pacina
November 11, 2022
Classic American cartoon duo Tom and Jerry received a makeover for a new Japanese animated series.
“Tom and Jerry,” which was first released in the U.S. in 1940, will be debuting its first-ever made-in-Japan series on Nov. 11, according to Turner Japan Co., Ltd., which operates the channel Cartoon Network.
As cheese is the favorite food of Jerry the mouse, the special project will be released in time for “Cheese Day.” The event, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, was established by the Japan Imported Cheese Promotion Association and the Cheese Promotion Council in 1992.
tom and jerry
The Japanese short animation series will still feature the humorous chases between the fussy cat and the clever mouse, although they won’t be as aggressive or violent as the characters have been transformed with a more “kawaii” makeover.  
In addition to the celebration of “Cheese Day,” the cartoon will be getting a new tableware line called Tom and Jerry Fruity Party, created in collaboration with the company Loft.
A Cheese Day Fair will also be held at all Village Vanguard stores and will include the release of new products and limited novelties. Official online stores will also be introducing cheese-related products, such as cheese LED lights, cheese-shaped die-cut puffs, cushions and pouches for rings and earrings.
Featured Image via PR Times
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