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‘We’re going to be there forever’: Texas couple adopts 7 Filipino siblings who have been separated for years

  • A North Texan couple went through an eight-month adoption process to reunite seven Filipino siblings who were separated for more than two years.
  • Chris and Jessica Milam of Denton County are determined to raise the two brothers and five sisters, who are aged 5-12.
  • “From the moment I read their profiles, I said, ‘Oh, these are the kids for us,’” Jessica told Fox 4 News.
  • The judge announced that it would be in the children’s best interest to grant the couple’s adoption, to have the children’s names changed and the records sealed.

A North Texan couple adopted seven Filipino siblings who had been separated for more than two years.

Chris and Jessica Milam of Denton County are determined to raise the two brothers and five sisters, aged 5-12, who had been separated into three different foster care homes in Texas.

Chinese teen sold at birth is rejected by his biological parents after finding them online

Teen rejected by birth parents
  • Liu Xuezhou, 17, was sold at birth. He became an orphan at the age of 4 when his adoptive parents died in an explosion.
  • With the help of local authorities, Liu eventually found his birth parents, who ended up rejecting him recently.

A teenager in China who was sold at birth was left heartbroken after finally finding his birth parents and then being rejected by them.

Liu Xuezhou, 17, from China’s Hebei Province, posted about the heartbreaking reunion on Douyin on Monday, according to South China Morning Post.

Same-sex married couple are first in Taiwan to legally adopt child

Taiwan Same Sex Adoption
  • A married same-sex couple became the first LGBTQ couple to legally adopt a child together in Taiwan this week.
  • Taiwan’s law on same-sex marriage, passed in 2019, allowed one of the spouses to adopt the other’s biological child or a non-biologically related child as an unmarried individual, but the law did not permit same-sex couples to adopt a child together.
  • The couple, who have been together for 16 years, prolonged their engagement and married after their paperwork to adopt their daughter was finalized before taking their case to court to have Chen equally recognized as a parent.

Wang Chen-wei and Chen Chun-ju are the first LGBTQ plus couple in Taiwan to legally adopt a non-biologically related child together.

LGBTQ plus activists have advocated to amend the 2019 law that legalized same-sex marriage to allow more freedoms for the marginalized community in the country, according to Taiwan News. Until late December, only one of the spouses in a same-sex marriage could adopt the other’s biological child, but the law prevented same-sex couples from adopting a child together who is not related to either of them biologically.

Hyun Sook Han, adoption trailblazer who helped connect Korean adoptees and families, dies at 83

Remebering Hyun Sook Han

A Korean social worker who dedicated her life to helping build families through international adoption has died at 83.

What happened: Hyun Sook Han, affectionately known by friends and family as Mrs. Han, passed away from kidney cancer in her home in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Nov. 5, according to The New York Times. Her funeral was attended by a crowd of adoptees and parents whom she helped during her service to her community.

Netherlands Stops Adoptions from South Asian Countries After 30 Years of Abuses Revealed

international adoptions

The Netherlands has suspended all international adoptions after a government investigation uncovered over three decades of abuses, including coercing or paying foreign mothers to give up their children.

The investigation started after an increasing number of adoptees looked into their family history and later discovered their birth documents were either forged or lost, or their adoption was illegal, according to Aljazeera.

Autistic Chinese Boy ‘Rehomed’ By Adoptive YouTuber Parents is NOT Missing

Myka Stauffer

A Chinese boy allegedly “rehomed” by his adoptive parents from Ohio is now in the process of finding a new family, authorities in Delaware said.

Speculations into the whereabouts of Huxley Stauffer, 5, began to circulate after his parents’ announcement that he no longer lives with them — a decision reportedly made following the advice of “multiple professionals in the healthcare and educational arenas.”

British Sikh Couple Told By Adoption Service That They Cannot Adopt a White Child


A British-born Sikh couple who were denied to adopt a White child due to their Indian heritage has taken the local Royal Borough council and its adoption service to court. 

Sandeep and Reena Mander have alleged that their local Berkshire adoption service told them that their application to join the register of approved adopters would be rejected due to their “Indian background.” They were also told that they might have better luck looking to adopt a child from India.

Chinese-American ‘Abandoned’ 13 Years Ago Reunites with Birth Parents Thanks to the Internet

A Chinese-American teenager has been reunited with her biological parents after beleiving she was abandoned for more than a decade in China, and it is all thanks to the power of the internet.

Kylee Fengmin Bowers, or Liang Jinglang, her birth name, was accompanied by her adoptive mother when she went to China to finally meet her biological parents 13 years after she had gone “missing.” The 18-year-old was welcomed by her parents and siblings in a very heartwarming reunion at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport last Sunday, according to Nanfang Daily via South China Morning Post.