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Chinese Widow Has Cared for Severely Disabled Neighbor for Over 30 Years

Wu Yuxia, a 60-year-old widow from Dangui, Sichuan province, China has provided round-the-clock care for her severely disabled neighbor, Liu Siqiang, for more than three decades now.

The 56-year-old bedridden Liu, who lost his mother while he was only six and his father at 10, was struck by a debilitating disease that left him blind and deaf back when he was still in his teens, according to via South China Morning Post.

10 People Are Accusing Keanu Reeves of Being a Great Human Being

It’s no secret that Keanu Reeves has had a lengthy, fruitful career playing some of the most iconic characters in film. From Ted in “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” to Neo in “The Matrix“, Reeves has entertained an entire generation with his memorable acting skills, and with his latest project, the John Wick TV series, just recently announced, he’ll continue to delight fans with one of his most popular portrayals.

If there’s one thing that Reeves is known for outside his acting talent, though, it’s his huge heart.

Flight Attendant Does the Sweetest Thing For a Disabled Old Man, Makes Him Cry

A flight attendant’s act of kindness toward a disabled passenger was so compassionate that it moved him to tears, and now pictures of the heartwarming incident have many netizens tearing up as well.

Passengers on a Dec. 8 Hainan Airlines flight from Zhengzhou to Haikou city were touched as they witnessed flight attendant Fan Xuesong kneel down to hand-feed a 71-year-old man named Mr. Niu, reports the People’s Daily Online.

Man Buys Turtles From the Market Just to Release Them Back into the Sea

Even though six of the world’s seven sea turtle species are classified as endangered or threatened, tens of thousands of marine turtles die every year due to overharvesting and the illegal trade.

One American in Papua New Guinea did his part in helping two sea turtles live on after they were caught to be legally sold as food by purchasing them and releasing them back into the wild.