He Tried Returning $15 to a Woman Who Dropped it, But Got THIS Reaction Instead

He Tried Returning $15 to a Woman Who Dropped it, But Got THIS Reaction Instead
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December 8, 2015
Being a Good Samaritan paid off for one London musician, although not in the way most might expect.
Music production student and rapper Joe Christie, 23, was walking to buy food in South London when he saw a 10 pound note ($15) fall from a woman’s coat pocket.
Wanting to return the woman’s money, he picked up the bill and walked over to her. Before he could finish a sentence, however, the woman interrupted and said, “Sorry, I’m not into black boys,” before walking off in a hurry.
“I think she maybe thought I was hitting on her. I could have stood there and tried to make a scene,” Christie told the Daily Mail. “But London is a fast-moving place — I didn’t want to chase her down the street. I wasn’t really that shocked, because people have said worse. I was just (thinking) ‘you just bought my lunch.’”  
The aspiring musician ended up spending the small windfall on a Saturday afternoon chicken and chips meal that cost 2.95 pounds ($4.43), according to the Daily Mail.
Christie said he wasn’t offended by the woman’s response but that he was still surprised by it because of her appearance.
“She was dead serious. You would not have followed her after that. What shocked me — because I’m 23, she looked about 31 or 32, she looked like she’d probably be a mum, she was in her work clothes,” he said. “I thought she was flattering herself — by a young man’s standards she wasn’t fit.”
The story was recounted by Christie in a Dec. 5 Facebook post that has since been liked over 141,000 times and shared over 6,800 times.

This is a picture of £7.05p
20 minutes ago i was on Streatham high street in South London.
A woman about 3 metres in…

Posted by Joe Christie on Saturday, December 5, 2015

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