Malaysian Teen Stops to Help Elderly Man Get to Mosque in the Pouring Rain

Malaysian Teen Stops to Help Elderly Man Get to Mosque in the Pouring Rain
Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
October 17, 2017
A Malaysian teen’s unconditional kindness and compassion became an internet inspiration after he was photographed helping an elderly man seek shelter from the rain, and guiding him to a mosque.
The teenager’s act of kindness went viral after being shared on Facebook last Thursday by Rakan Muslimah Al-Falah II.
According to New Straits Times, it’s believed that the Malaysian teenager doesn’t share the same faith as the elderly man he aided, which helped boost the post’s popularity, garnering over 1,500 shares and more than 1,530 likes.
An imam of the mosque who leads prayers, Mohd Zuwairi Mohd Yusof, identified the elderly man as a regular churchgoer named Pak Ali.
Zuwairi explained that the elderly man sometimes relies on the help of bystanders to bring him to the mosque, where he regularly performs Duha prayer.
The young man’s act of kindness became so popular that it even caught the attention of Petronas marketing vice president Syed Zainal Abidin.
Abidin described the young man as being a “very good example of what Malaysian can be and should be, which is to care and respect to one another.”
“Everyone must play their part and help the community, regardless of their race and religion,” Abidin added. The Petronas executive believes that the teenager’s display of kindness without prejudice “will encourage others to behave the same way.”
Other Facebook users expressed their support for the Malaysian teenager as well showering him with words of encouragement, such as “we should have more people like this”, and “Hope that more people will do the same way as this young guy” among others.
Facebook user Azizah Aw praised and acknowledged the young man’s good deed by saying, “Parents to this youngster must be very proud. Such act of kindness is a result from their positive upbringing.”
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