Boy Goes Viral After Filling Empty Trick-or-Treat Bowl With His Own Candy

Boy Goes Viral After Filling Empty Trick-or-Treat Bowl With His Own Candy
Carl Samson
November 6, 2017
A teenage trick-or-treater caught filling another person’s empty bowl of candy for Halloween is winning praise on social media for his generous act.
Lawrence Malot, 15, was out on Halloween night as the Grim Reaper when he and his friends stumbled upon an empty bowl on the front porch of a home in Chula Vista, California.
“It was still early and when I looked and I kind of felt bad for the other trick-or-treaters,” Malot told ABC 10News.
As his friends left, he decided to stay and fill the bowl with his own candy for other trick-or-treaters.
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Homeowner Kim Manalo filled the bowl with candy before leaving with her children to go trick-or-treating for themselves. When they arrived, it was empty.
“Once we got around the block the bowl was empty. I wasn’t too surprised but I was hoping it wasn’t one kid or an adult,” Manalo told Fox 5.
But as soon as she checked out their home’s surveillance, she found a teen boy who had no problem filling the bowl with candies from his own bag.
Hoping to find the boy, Manalo took her search to a local Facebook group for mothers in Chula Vista.
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Malot, a freshman at Olympian High School, was identified shortly after the search. The footage of his act of kindness has since gone viral on social media. People have also been calling to give him candy, 10News reported.
“I feel kind of proud of myself.  I just feel proud.  I’m so happy,” said Malot, whose family moved from the Philippines four years ago.
via Fox 5
Meanwhile, Manalo reflected on the boy’s simple act of generosity:
“Seeing that really restored faith. I think that’s why people were so happy to see it because there is still good in the world. It’s just sad that we have to find it in children.”
Watch the footage:

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