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Remote Workers in India Will Call You Out for Slacking, Thieves for Stealing From Thousands of Miles Away

A Washington-based surveillance company offers real-time 24/7 monitoring for convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants and hotel chains across the U.S. to help owners prevent theft and shoplifting.

Eye in the sky: Live Eye Surveillance employs workers from Karnal, India to monitor employees and deter any suspicious behaviors within the business for $399 per month, according to Vice News.

Asian Man Assaulted By Man Having a Racist Meltdown in NYC 7-Eleven


A man’s racist tirade against Asians turned violent when a Facebook user called out his behavior in a 7-Eleven in Queens, New York.

Sungmin Kwon recorded the racially-charged attacks, both verbal and physical, and posted the videos to Facebook, where he was called the racial slur g**k,(targetting those from East and Southeast Asian backgrounds), was allegedly generalized with all “filthy” Asians for causing COVID-19 and told that they “don’t belong in this country.”

7-Eleven in Japan Will Pay $67,000 a Year to a ‘Sweets Ambassador’ to Post on Social Media

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven is hiring a Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador in Japan, and is willing to pay 600,000 yen ($5,600) per month with a total salary of 7.11 million yen ($67,000) a year.

The position is for people who register to 7-Eleven’s mailing list on the company’s website, as well as receive coupons, updates and other company related matters, according to an official post, as translated by SoraNews24.