7-Eleven in Japan Will Pay $67,000 a Year to a ‘Sweets Ambassador’ to Post on Social Media

7-Eleven in Japan Will Pay $67,000 a Year to a ‘Sweets Ambassador’ to Post on Social Media7-Eleven in Japan Will Pay $67,000 a Year to a ‘Sweets Ambassador’ to Post on Social Media
Convenience store chain 7-Eleven is hiring a Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador in Japan, and is willing to pay 600,000 yen ($5,600) per month with a total salary of 7.11 million yen ($67,000) a year.
The position is for people who register to 7-Eleven’s mailing list on the company’s website, as well as receive coupons, updates and other company related matters, according to an official post, as translated by SoraNews24.
In order to be eligible for the application, candidates would need to go through a screening process. First, you’ll need to register your existing social media accounts and fill out the application form to become a regular Seven Sweets Ambassador.
Then, a certificate will be presented saying that you are now officially part of the Seven Sweets Ambassador club.
The next part of the screening process requires you to go to a 7-Eleven branch, buy something, take a picture of that item you purchased, upload it to your social media account using the hashtag #ドリームセブンスイーツアンバサダー (#DreamSevenSweetsAmbassador).
You can keep doing this part of the process until May 13 as you wait for the final result, which will be announced before May 18, after 7-Eleven makes a shortlist of all the entries. Applicants who make the cut will go through another screening process, with one lucky winner named Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador on July 11.
Duties for this position will only require making a social media post once a week with photos and comments promoting the charm of Seven Sweets via the company’s Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador social media accounts.
Then, you’ll have to attend monthly meetings to discuss product announcements. It was noted that the time and location for meetings are very flexible.
And lastly, cooperating with announcements of new products means you will have to appear at events and any media platform related to the Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador project.
While everything sounds fairly easy, the requirements before landing the role are not exactly for everyone. 7-Eleven wrote:
  • Must be over 20 years old as of 1 July 2018
  • Any nationality is okay, but must reside in Japan
  • Must be in good health
  • Cannot have allergies [the food kind, I imagine a little hay fever isn’t a deal-breaker]
  • Must be available during the final selection on 23 June 2018 and the appointment ceremony on 11 July 2018
  • Being the Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador must not conflict with any school or company rules prohibiting activities such as these
  • Cannot be currently engaged in projects with other convenience stores
  • The account used to apply will be used as the “Dream Ambassador” account on social media
The Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador job duration will run from July 11, 2018 to July 10, 2019.
Featured Image via 7-Eleven Japan
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