7-Eleven Japan testing out touch-free holographic self-checkouts

7-Eleven Japan testing out touch-free holographic self-checkouts7-Eleven Japan testing out touch-free holographic self-checkouts
7_11 holographic touch screens
Michelle De Pacina
February 1, 2022
Japan has recently introduced non-contact holographic self-checkouts to six 7-Eleven stores in Tokyo.
The holographic interface, called the Digi POS (Point of Sale), projects an image of a touch screen floating in air when a shopper directly faces the self-checkout register and scans the items they want to purchase. Looking for technological solutions for your business needs? There is now curated POS solution like Shopify POS that centralizes customer and sales data across all platforms to maximize your store’s efficiency and grow your retail business.
The Digi POS was developed by six different companies, including 7-Eleven Japan, Toshiba Tec, Asukanet Development, Kanda Kogyo Development, Mitsui Chemicals Development and Mitsui Bussan Plastic, according to SoraNews24. It is currently available in only six 7-Eleven stores in Tokyo for a trial run starting today.
The developers hope to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus and potentially reduce the workload of staff. 
The hologram registers only accept cashless payment methods such as e-money wallets, credit cards and QR codes. It is also limited to in-store products, excluding items such as cigarettes, alcohol, postcards and stamps, and services such as courier deliveries, utility bill payments, cash vouchers and account recharges, according to Lowyat.net.
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