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Japanese Paralympian Playing Violin Using Her Prosthetic Arm Will Most Definitely Inspire You

Meet Manami Nomura, a Paralympian nurse who is inspiring many people online with her breathtaking performance with a violin using her prosthetic right arm.

Nomura lost her arm in a traffic accident in November 2004. She was still studying as a nurse at the time, but she was forced to give up on her dream. But things began to look up for Nomura after she received her prosthetic arm from a facility.

Teacher Proves Students Aren’t ‘Stupid’ if They Can’t Express Themselves in English

A lawyer who once didn’t understand English shared the heartwarming story of a former teacher who proved that he was not stupid and transformed his life as an immigrant in the U.S.

The lawyer, who goes by the initials T.K., moved from Korea to Los Angeles in 1997. At the time, he was a high school student already eligible to attend regular classes instead of ESL (English as a Second Language) ones.

Filipino Taxi Driver Gives Free Rides To Stranded Commuters After Uber’s Suspension

For many Filipinos who have depended on Uber for their daily commute, the recent suspension of the popular ride-sharing app has been a cause of massive inconvenience.   

Social media posts of being stranded in the middle of commute and being late for appointments started appearing on local Facebook news feeds since Uber was suspended on Monday.