Adorable Little Girl in China Sobs as She Dances for Kindergarten Show

Adorable Little Girl in China Sobs as She Dances for Kindergarten Show
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
March 16, 2018
This little girl from China didn’t let the tears running down her cheeks mess up her performance during a kindergarten talent show.
The clip, which is currently circulating on Chinese social media, shows the adorable girl busting some ultra cute dance moves — all of it while crying!
Like a true entertainer, however, she didn’t let her emotional state impact her performance; in fact, she seemed to remember more dance moves than the other kids on stage. Netizens joked around and said that the reason why she’s crying is because she was forced to dance along with “amateurs,” as translated by Shanghaiist.
At one point, she even became like a leader for the group where they follow her lead in some of the moves. The parents/audience, meanwhile, weren’t able to contain their laughter.
In January, a similar video went ablaze on Chinese social media showing a 5-year-old girl dancing adorably while crying.
It was so cute and so iconic that even a grown man tried to imitate the unnamed girl, who is believed to be from Shijiazhuang city in north China’s Hebei province. And the end result? Epic!
Guess these little girls already understand one of life’s toughest lessons — that even though we’re sometimes emotionally exhausted, the show must go on!
Featured image via YouTube / Fuliy Lee
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