Indian Woman Bullied For Being Overweight Loses 93 Pounds in 6 Months

Indian Woman Bullied For Being Overweight Loses 93 Pounds in 6 MonthsIndian Woman Bullied For Being Overweight Loses 93 Pounds in 6 Months
After enduring constant bullying due to her weight, a young Indian woman decided to make dramatic changes to her lifestyle, losing 93 pounds in just six months.
In February, she shared an inspiring post documenting her weight loss journey, which included her before and after pictures.
According to 20-year-old student Arpita Agarwal, she used the repeated taunts thrown her way as motivation for her remarkable transformation.
“I couldn’t even walk properly because of my weight,” Agarwal told Times of India. “I couldn’t fit in my own clothes and got embarrassed when the shopkeepers would say that my size was not available.”
“When I reached my highest weight, which was 96 kilograms. I was often bullied for my weight and the constant taunts got to me,” says Agarwal, describing the period as the lowest point in her life.
She came to the realization that “we are our worst critics as we tend to over analyse ourselves and get discouraged when we don’t see the results that we are hoping for.”
“You can choose to continue to hate your body, to put yourself down, and to sit around waiting for miracles,” Agarwal further noted. “But miracles will not happen if you don’t work for them. Weight loss is a journey which requires effort.”
Agarwal revealed that she joined a gym and made changes in her diet, which is now composed of a mix of healthy foods as well as her favorite indulgences. Her breakfast typically consists of oats, buttermilk, and bread with peanut butter while her lunch and dinner includes some of the following: chapati, dal, buttermilk, dahi, salad, brown rice, and soup. While she occasionally indulges in Chinese food, pani puri, and ice cream, she completely removed fast food and junk food from her diet.
As for her fitness routine, Agarwal says she tries to mix it up to keep it from getting stale. She usually does 15 minutes of cardio, an hour of functional training, weight training, and CrossFit, which includes burpees, jumping jacks, plank walk, plank jumps, and lunges.
Agarwal said she keeps herself on track by watching a lot of fitness videos and following many of the weight loss tips to incorporate into her plan.
“Every time you lose focus or motivation you need to think of the struggles you’ve faced before as well as where you dream of being down the line,” she explained.
“I remember how much being overweight affected my health. It was a task to walk, to find clothes of my size and to do everyday jobs with ease, to ensure she doesn’t lose focus.”
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