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Chinese amputee ‘Iron Leg Man’ shares his hi-tech prosthetic leg design online so others can use it

Chinese amputee LED prosthetic leg
  • Liang Kaiyu, 30, created his own prosthetic leg and then modified it by adding LED lights, shock absorbers and a self-charging interface.
  • “It’s 2022, and I can finally wear an artificial leg that I made myself. Although it looks a bit ugly, it is unique and meaningful to me,” Liang, a former industry equipment designer who earned the nickname “Iron Leg Man,” said in a viral Douyin post.
  • Liang lost his left leg following a work-related injury in January 2020. Before finding the motivation to make his artificial limb, his life was “like riding a roller coaster.”
  • To help inspire others like him, Liang shared his designs online so that prosthetic manufacturers and other amputees can improve their artificial limbs.

A Chinese amputee who earned the nickname “Iron Leg Man” has shared the designs of his customized high-tech prosthetic leg so that other amputees can improve their artificial limbs.

Liang Kaiyu, 30, told Chinese state media CCTV on Sunday that in addition to creating his own prosthetic leg, he also modified it by adding LED lights, shock absorbers and a self-charging interface.

Video game streamer Sykkuno moves to YouTube after Twitch misspells his name in an email

  • Video game streamer Sykkuno left Twitch this month after receiving an official email from the streaming platform in which his name was misspelled. He accepted a purportedly better deal from YouTube.
  • Sykkuno announced the move on social media and shared details in a YouTube livestream on May 3. 
  • Addressing the Twitch email, the gamer said, “I didn’t feel that appreciated there, guys. They couldn’t even spell my name right. So I started thinking, I’m about to take [the YouTube] deal.”

Popular video game streamer Sykkuno decided to leave Twitch this month after the streaming platform misspelled his name in an official email. 

With a massive following of 4 million and over 103 million views on Twitch, the gamer took many in the livestreaming community by surprise.

Video of China plane carrying 132 passengers shows nosedive before mountain crash

Plane Crash
  • A China Eastern Airlines jet crashed into a mountain in southern China on Monday afternoon.
  • The aircraft reportedly carried 132 people, including nine crew members.
  • Flight-tracking reports said the plane slowed down from a height of about 30,000 feet and entered a deep dive in a span of minutes.
  • President Xi Jinping called for the activation of emergency mechanisms to address the incident.
  • No survivor has been found as of Monday night, Beijing time.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for a rescue operation and investigation into a China Eastern Airlines jet that crashed into a mountain during a domestic flight on Monday.

Flight MU5735, which carried nine crew members and 123 passengers, reportedly went down near Wuzhou in the Guangxi autonomous region just before 2:30 p.m., Beijing time.

Elon Musk shares conspiracy theory about Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto in viral tweet

  • In a viral tweet on Wednesday, Elon Musk posted an image suggesting that Satoshi Nakamoto — the pseudonym of the person or people behind Bitcoin — is an amalgam of Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi and Motorola.
  • Although several people have claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the identity of the Bitcoin inventor has never been officially confirmed.
  • Musk previously suggested that computer scientist Nick Szabo could be Satoshi Nakamoto, since he was “more responsible for the ideas behind Bitcoin than anyone else.”
  • Suggestions pointing to the Tesla CEO himself have floated around over the years, but he has denied these claims.

Elon Musk has caused a stir online after posting about a Satoshi Nakamoto conspiracy theory, reigniting speculations on the true identity of the mysterious Bitcoin developer.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Musk shared an image suggesting that the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto is simply an amalgam of syllables from the brand names of four electronics companies: “Sa” from Samsung, “Toshi” from Toshiba, “Naka” from Nakamichi and “Moto” from Motorola.

Watch: Self-driving ‘car’ that delivers ramen on the counter with no spills to dine-in customers

Nissan ramen
  • As a part of its e-4ORCE RAMEN Counter research project, Japanese automobile company Nissan has developed a self-driving car that delivers bowls of ramen to customers.
  • The car is designed to be around the same size as a large shoebox and includes a wooden tray on top to hold the ramen.
  • After the chef prepares the food, they place the bowl on the tray, and the car drives itself to deliver it to the designated customer.
  • Nissan used an e-4ORCE electric motor that allows the vehicle to deliver the ramen without any spills or mishaps at high speeds.
  • The same electric motor is used in some of Nissan’s normal-sized vehicles, such as the Ariya electric car.

Japanese automobile company Nissan has created a self-driving car that automatically delivers ramen to dine-in customers.

The vehicle was designed with the company’s new e-4ORCE electric motor and is approximately the size of a large shoebox with a wooden tray built on top. Using two motors to operate the all-wheel driving system, the vehicle is able to make quick stops and turns without spilling the ramen’s contents.

International Students Allegedly Scammed Apple Out of Almost $1 Million With Chinese ‘iPhones’


Two college students from Oregon are facing a criminal complaint from Apple after allegedly using thousands of counterfeit iPhones from China to cheat the company out of nearly $1 million.

Zhou Yangyang and Jiang Quan are accused of sending the company fake devices to be replaced with brand-new genuine models, South China Morning Post reports.

‘Jaywalker’ Caught By China’s Facial Recognition AI Turns Out to Be a Bus Ad

china facial recognition

China doesn’t shy away publicly shaming citizens who commit traffic violations using its facial recognition artificial intelligence (AI) software on thousands of CCTV across the country.

China’s surveillance cameras suffered a glitch in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, when one of the street cameras captured a jaywalker at an intersection in Jiangxia Bridge East, according to Abacus News.