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‘Squid Game’ creator introducing new game mechanisms for Season 2

  • The creator of “Squid Game” will reportedly be introducing new game mechanisms for Season 2 of the series.
  • The new mechanism for the games is called “Cheol-su,” and is described to be the “boyfriend” of the giant doll seen in the first season’s “Red Light, Green Light” game.
  • The creator reportedly put in “a lot of effort” and “struggled” to select the final games.
  • Filming for the new season will begin in 2023, and a purported release window for the anticipated second season is set for 2024.

In anticipation of “Squid Game” Season 2, the creator has reportedly created a new game mechanism called “Cheol-su.”

Confirming details revealed in June, South Korean news outlet Moonhwa Ilbo reported on Wednesday that Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of “Squid Game,” is implementing a new game mechanism called “Cheol-su.” The new mechanism has been described as the “boyfriend” of Young-hee, the giant doll seen in the “Red Light, Green Light” game in the series’ first season.

‘Overwatch 2’ reveals its newest support hero, healing ninja Kiriko

  • “Overwatch 2” has announced its newest hero Kiriko, a ninja healer.
  • The fictional character grew up alongside the Shimada brothers, Hanzo and Genji.
  • Kiriko can teleport through walls to directly reach an ally and throw Protection Suzu to teammates, making them briefly invulnerable to enemies when hit.
  • Blizzard will be releasing Kiriko as a part of the Season One battle pass for “Overwatch 2.”

With “Overwatch 2’s” upcoming release, a new support hero has been added to the roster.

The latest hero joining the Overwatch universe is a healing ninja named Kiriko. The fictional character grew up alongside the Shimada brothers Hanzo and Genji, who view Kiriko as a niece. 

Woman arrested in South Korea for murder of two children found in suitcases in New Zealand

  • A woman suspected to be the biological mother of two children found dead in suitcases inside a New Zealand storage facility has been taken into custody.
  • The 42-year-old was arrested on Thursday morning in Ulsan, South Korea.
  • On Aug. 11, the remains of two children, aged 7 and 10 years old, were found inside suitcases bought by a family at an abandoned goods auction.
  • The children are believed to have been dead for at least three to four years.
  • The suspect will be undergoing a review as to whether she will be extradited.

A 42-year-old woman believed to be the biological mother of two children found dead inside suitcases in New Zealand has been arrested in connection with their murders. 

On Thursday morning, the suspect was arrested and taken into custody in Ulsan, South Korea. 

Chinese parents sue daughter they abandoned for not buying her brother an apartment

  • A 29-year-old woman in China is being sued by her estranged parents for refusing to buy her younger brother an apartment.
  • The woman was left to be raised by her aunt when she was 2 years old.
  • After the woman refused to pay for the apartment, her biological parents filed a lawsuit against her for 500,000 yuan (approximately $71,818) in parental maintenance.
  • The court decided that the woman must negotiate the money with her parents and pay the maintenance fee.
  • The Civil Code of China states that adult children have a legal obligation to support their parents regardless of estrangement or abandonment.

After a woman in China refused to buy her younger brother an apartment, her estranged parents filed a lawsuit for 500,000 yuan (approximately $71,818) in parental maintenance.

The woman, 29-year-old Zhang from Guangzhou of southern China, was abandoned by her biological parents when she was 2 years old and has no relationship with them. She was reportedly abandoned as her biological parents could not financially support her, and they rarely contacted her throughout her life.

Mystery woman spotted near Kim Jong-un in recent months sparks speculation

kim jong un mystery woman
  • An unidentified woman has recently been seen in Kim Jong-un’s inner circle.
  • First noticed in February, the mysterious woman is often seen by Kim’s side wearing a suit dress and glasses while carrying a black handbag.
  • The woman, who is speculated to be Kim’s relative, is estimated to be in her 30s or 40s.
  • She was at Kim’s side last week during a concert, and was also seen carrying folders during Kim’s speech to North Korea’s parliament.

A mystery woman spotted in Kim Jong-un’s inner circle in recent months is sparking speculation about her identity.

The woman was first noticed in February and has since been photographed near Kim. She is typically seen wearing a suit dress with glasses and carrying a black handbag. 

Video: Man filming woman in public restroom learns his victim is a black belt the hard way

  • CCTV video captured the moment a Thai man was beaten by a woman with a black belt in Taekwondo after he tried to secretly film her in the women’s public restroom.
  • After the woman noticed the man’s phone peeking over her stall, she chased him outside and beat him before snatching his phone and deleting the video.
  • The 17-year-old suspect stated that he was “drunk and reckless” and publicly apologized to the media for filming the woman.

After a Thai man attempted to secretly film a woman in a public restroom, he was immediately chased and beaten by the victim, who happened to have a black belt in Taekwondo.

On Sunday, a 17-year-old man allegedly entered the women’s restroom in a Japanese restaurant located in Chachoengsao district, Thailand, and attempted to film a woman in a stall. 

Chinese boy who went viral for correcting planetarium’s mistakes now teaching astronomy to classmates

rocket boy
  • A Chinese boy who previously went viral for correcting a mistake at a planetarium is now teaching astronomy at his school.
  • While exploring a planetarium in July, the boy discovered that an educational film about the Long March rockets contained numerous inaccuracies.
  • A video went viral of the boy pointing out the mistakes in frustration.
  • At the opening ceremony for the new school year, the boy was invited to teach his classmates about astronomy and space science.
  • The boy hopes to teach more astronomy lessons to his classmates.

A 9-year-old boy in China who previously went viral for pointing out inaccuracies in a video shown at a planetarium is now teaching astronomy to his classmates.

The boy, Yan Hongsen, went viral in July after a video showed him pointing out several inaccuracies in an educational film about the Long March rockets that was shown at a planetarium.

Pokémon card thief dumber than Team Rocket, tries to resell cards back to store he stole them from

pokemon cards stolen
  • A Washington state man who stole $20,000 worth of Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering cards returned a month later to try and sell the stolen goods.
  • The cards were stolen from a card store located in Whatcom County, Washington, where the suspect smashed the glass door and entered around midnight on Aug. 9.
  • On Sep. 3, the suspect allegedly returned to the same store and attempted to sell the cards that he had stolen a month ago.
  • After an employee recognized the man and confronted him, the suspect reportedly became belligerent and declared that he would return to rob the store again.
  • The man was hit with several charges; however, he was released on Sep. 4 on personal recognizance.

After stealing around $20,000 worth of Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering cards from a store in Washington state, the man returned almost a month later in an attempt to sell back the stolen goods.

On Aug. 9 around midnight, the suspect, later identified as 37-year-old Myles Vaughn Pajnogac, smashed the glass door of the Cosmic Games store located in Whatcom County, Washington and stole many items, including Pokémon TCG packs and Magic: The Gathering cards, reported The Bellingham Herald

Nearly 300 Korean adoptees demand S. Korea investigate falsified adoption documents

300 adoptees file complaint
  • Nearly 300 Korean adoptees have called for the South Korean government to investigate falsified adoption documents that mask their real identities.
  • The 283 complaints that were filed have pointed out lost or distorted information.
  • Some adoptees found that their identities were switched with other children who had died, were too sick to travel or were taken back by their birth families.
  • Many adoptees expressed frustration at the lack of information on their adoption papers, which often turn out to be falsified or distorted.

Nearly 300 Korean adoptees in Europe and the United States have filed applications demanding that the South Korean government investigate the circumstances of their adoptions.

Many of the adoptees suspect that their adoption papers contained falsified or distorted information to launder their real identities. During the 1980s, many Korean children were taken from their families during the foreign adoption boom.

Actors Michelle Yeoh and Brendan Fraser reunite after 14 years

  • Former co-stars Brendan Fraser and Michelle Yeoh reunited 14 years after the filming of “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.”
  • The two were seated next to each other at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday.
  • Fraser was recognized for his performance in “The Whale” while Yeoh received an award for her decades-long career as an actor.

At the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival Awards (TIFF) on Sunday, former co-stars Michelle Yeoh and Brendan Fraser reunited after 14 years.

The two last crossed paths during the third film in the action-adventure “Mummy” franchise, 2008’s “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” where Yeoh played sorceress Zi Yuan and Fraser played Rick O’Connell. 

‘Squid Game’ star Lee Jung-jae becomes first Asian to win Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama Series

  • “Squid Game” actor Lee Jung-jae made history at the Emmys on Monday night by becoming the first Asian actor to win the Best Actor award.
  • Lee also became the first actor from a non-English-language show to win an Emmy.
  • The series, nominated for 14 Emmys, won four, including awards for guest acting, visual effects and stun production design.
  • “Squid Game” director Hwang Dong-hyuk became the first Asian director to win the Outstanding Drama Series award and the first director to win an Emmy for a non-English series.

Lee Jung-jae, the star of the international hit series “Squid Game,” made history at Monday night’s Emmys when he became the first Asian actor to win the Best Actor category.

“Squid Game” took home four Emmy Awards from its 14 nominations, including awards for guest acting, stunt production design and visual effects. The series also made history as the first non-English language series to be nominated for an Emmy.

Chinese influencer banned from Douyin for eating a live wasp

man eats live wasp
  • A Chinese influencer has been banned from Douyin after he filmed himself eating a live wasp, prompting heavy backlash from online users.
  • The man, who had over 560,000 followers, was banned from the social media platform on Sunday.
  • Following the stunt, he suffered extremely swollen lips and difficulty swallowing.
  • The man claimed the video attracted more than 100,000 viewers and planned to do the same stunt on Sunday before his account was banned.

A Chinese influencer who shared a video of himself eating a live wasp was banned from Douyin, shortly before his second attempt at the dangerous stunt.

Wang Chan was banned from Douyin on Sept. 4after he uploaded the wasp-eating video. He had over 560,000 followers on the platform.