Video of 6-year-old Chinese girl crying after being told she looks like her father goes viral

Video of 6-year-old Chinese girl crying after being told she looks like her father goes viralVideo of 6-year-old Chinese girl crying after being told she looks like her father goes viral
After being told that she resembles her father, a 6-year-old girl in China expressed disappointment and embarrassment for not taking after her mother’s appearance.
The unnamed girl from Suqian, Jiangsu province of eastern China, was seen on video bursting into tears and complaining to her mother that she is not happy with her looks being compared to her father’s. 
In the viral video shared to Weibo on Wednesday, the girl pouts in distress as she complains about her “unsatisfactory” appearance. She asks her mother why she looks like her father if she “was born to my mom.” 
The disappointment reportedly occurred after a family friend commented that the 6-year-old resembled her father. Her mother, surnamed Zhang, stated that she was surprised at her daughter’s reaction.
“It happened when she was nearly 6 years old. A friend who was visiting that day told her that she resembled her father and she was upset because of it. She started crying, saying that she doesn’t want to look like her dad and instead wants to look like me. She thinks that her dad looks bad,” Zhang explains in the video. 
Zhang states that her daughter believes she cannot be pretty if she takes after her father’s looks.
“She feels that she should look like me because I was the one who gave birth to her. So in her heart she probably thinks that her mom is better than her dad, which is why she wants to look like me,” Zhang says.
“All the nursery rhymes go ‘mother is the best person in the world,’ and nobody goes, ‘father is the best person in the world,'” her daughter says in the video in reference to a Chinese nursery rhyme that praises moms.
Zhang, amused by her daughter’s reaction, says in the video that her husband would be heartbroken if he heard his daughter. She adds that her husband’s appearance is not too bad and explains that he loves his daughter and spends a lot of time with her.
“When she said that, I was thinking to myself ‘Wow, your dad is going to be so sad when he sees you being like this.’ Her dad does not look bad, and he treats her very well too. He also spends more time with her than I do. When I told her father about this, he was like ‘Why would I want her as my daughter if she doesn’t look like me?’” Zhang says.
After hearing his daughter’s comments, the dad purportedly made an offended facial expression.
Weibo users were left amused by the girl’s reaction.
“I also look like my dad. I look like a man,” one user commented. 
“Haha generally it seems that daughters are more like fathers,” another user wrote.
The video has garnered over 5.9 million views and 107,000 likes since being uploaded. 
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