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Netflix’s Documentary on The ‘pride and glory of Taiwan’ Will Inspire You

chien ming wang

I felt an obligation to watch “Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story” on Netflix. I’d first encountered Chien-Ming Wang at 10 years old, falling in love with a sport for the first time in baseball, finding a way to bond with my father through strike zones and sac flies. Wang was one of the best starters in the game, the ace of my New York Yankees, a go-to option on my favorite obsession, MLB 07: The Show for the PlayStation 2.

I really miss Wang being a great starter with the Yankees.

Singaporean Man Actually Does the ‘One Punch Man’ Workout and WOW 😲

If you’re familiar with the anime/manga “One Punch Man,” you might know that the main character, Saitama, attributes his supernatural strength to repeating a specific workout every day. After gaining weight over the New Year festivities, one man from Singapore decided he’d try this routine for himself.

The man, Sean Seah, is a best-selling author and a successful investor. He set the challenge for himself as well as his social media followers on February 9 in a video in which he elected to “eat happily and burn later” during the Chinese New Year season.

‘Rush Hour’ May Get an All-Female Lead Remake

rush hour

The “Rush Hour” franchise is getting a reboot with a familiar twist; the leads of the famous buddy-cop series are set to be women this time around.

According to That Hashtag Show, STX Studios is quietly working on a remake of the famed film franchise, with actress Li Bingbing being offered the co-lead role originated by Jackie Chan. No other significant details have been reported as of yet.

Restaurant Owner Gets D‌e‌‌at‌h Threats After Trying to Justify ‘We Suki Suki’ Viet Restaurant Name

A former restaurant owner named Ryan Kulp tweeted about an Atlanta joint he co-owned called We Suki Suki, which at one point apparently held a “late night experience” titled “Good Morning Vietnam.” 

7 years ago today i co-founded a Vietnamese restaurant in Atlanta.we launched a late night experience, “Good Morning Vietnam.”napalm smoothies (tang + Red Bull), Full Metal Jacket soundtrack blaring, machetes to cut banh mi, and an ammo box for cash. still thriving today. pic.twitter.com/zQbQWCWXPm

Tired of Wearing Uniqlo? Here are 9 Asian-Owned Clothing Brands to Check Out in 2019

Let’s face it: flexing your Uniqlo fits is getting harder and harder now that every Asian seems to be wearing the brand. But don’t worry; your friends at NextShark have you covered.

The following nine brands address a wide amount of price ranges with different styles, from streetwear to classics. These brands are also all Asian-owned. We’d like to give a special shout out to @asiangirlsunited on Instagram for inspiring our list; you can check out a link to theirs below.

ABC Thinks K-Pop Group BLACKPINK is ‘Singing In Japanese’ and I’m Screaming


South Korean girl group BLACKPINK performed on ABC’s Good Morning America, and the video, which has amassed half a million views on YouTube in a day, features an embarrassing error on the part of the closed captioning department.

It’s not uncommon for English subtitles to feature language identifiers without translating the language spoken. But throughout BLACKPINK’s performance of their song “Ddu-du Ddu-du” the video’s closed captioning continuously displays text reading “[SINGING IN JAPANESE]” even though the group is very obviously from South Korea.

7 Blasians to Celebrate During Black History Month (and Every Other Month)


We often overlook the Black members of our Asian communities; in our home countries, biracial people historically have been cast out, and darker skin is often seen as something to change or cover up. But over the years, as the world has globalized and ideas of race have slowly begun to change, many Black Asians have found success and represented their complex identities with the utmost grace.

Being that it is Black History Month, there can be no greater time to celebrate our Blasian stars with the important knowledge that their being Black makes them no less Asian, and their being Asian takes nothing from them being Black. Here are seven Blasians who have made waves in the past year or two through putting on for the culture:

Go Tell Mom: Asians Working in the Music Industry is More Possible Than Ever

You know the drill: working in the arts, according to your hard-nosed Asian elders, is not a viable career path. You will not make money; you will suffer; you will die broke, wishing you listened to your parents. Right?

Perhaps not. I had the opportunity to interview three musicians of Asian descent. They’re not world-famous mega stars, not exactly rags-to-riches stories you study out of ambition. They’re pretty much just regular people who have, through good old fashioned hard work and unextraordinary patience, found themselves with lasting careers in the arts. They are able to feed themselves consistently through art.

American Who Made Flight Attendants Wipe His Butt Continues to Book Flights With EVA Air

The obese American man who harassed and traumatized EVA Air flight attendants by ordering them to wipe him after defecating has, despite being banned, successfully booked more flights with the same airline.

According to Shanghaiist via Taiwan News, the unnamed man booked a two part flight with EVA Air for May 17, which would take him from Bangkok to Taipei and finally to Los Angeles. The man has reportedly booked over 20 flights with EVA in the past; in fact, this past incident was the second such incident recorded wherein the man bizarrely harassed flight attendants to wipe his butt after using the bathroom.

Stop Erasing Naomi Osaka’s Blackness

Biraciality makes people uncomfortable. In society, we communicate narrow ideas of racial identity, as if identity can fit into distinct, narrow pockets. Biracial public figures like Naomi Osaka prove it cannot. Osaka is a tennis star who represents Japan in competition; she is Japanese and American with dual citizenship; she is ethnically Haitian and Japanese.

Monoracial Asian nations, like Japan, often respond to mixed-race people with hesitation at best and out-and-out bigotry at most. The fact that a Japanese star, featured in Japanese ads and winning sporting awards for Japan, is not only mixed-race but Black, shows an important amount of progress in Asian race relations. So there is something empowering about merely calling Naomi Osaka Japanese, whether it be in headlines or advertisements. And it’s a correct assertion: she is Japanese. Her biraciality does not make her less so.

Dear Asians: Leave the N-Word Alone

Certain things shouldn’t have to be explained. When our friends ask us to respect their boundaries, to avoid doing things that play with scars they’ve built over time, we tend to oblige them. But despite members of the Black community in America constantly expressing discomfort and disdain for non-Black people using the controversial word, non-Black people still seem to insist.

Maybe it’s because there are also members of the Black community who seem to take no issue with it. Maybe it’s because these non-Black people don’t seem to know any members of the Black community. Or maybe it’s because people haven’t read works like this Twitter thread: