‘Rush Hour’ May Get an All-Female Lead Remake

‘Rush Hour’ May Get an All-Female Lead Remake‘Rush Hour’ May Get an All-Female Lead Remake
Elliot Sang
March 8, 2019
The “Rush Hour” franchise is getting a reboot with a familiar twist; the leads of the famous buddy-cop series are set to be women this time around.
According to That Hashtag Show, STX Studios is quietly working on a remake of the famed film franchise, with actress Li Bingbing being offered the co-lead role originated by Jackie Chan. No other significant details have been reported as of yet.
The original “Rush Hour” movie was released in 1998 starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as Detectives Lee and Carter, respectively. A comedic action flick, much of the film’s unique charm sprung from the two main characters’ significant cultural differences; Chan’s character being a mild-mannered Hong Kong native and Tucker’s character a more enigmatic African American officer.
The film was an early demonstration that two people of color from vastly different backgrounds could star in a highly successful Hollywood blockbuster. It made around seven times its production budget, grossing $244.4 million and spawning two sequels.
Li Bingbing began her acting career in 1994 and has since featured in numerous big films both in China and the United States, most recently starring in “The Meg” alongside Jason Statham.
Twitter’s reception of the upcoming “Rush Hour” reboot has been mostly negative. Many are disappointed at the prospect of another lazy Hollywood reboot, with some particularly unconvinced that the move will be a positive reflection of female empowerment in Hollywood, as well as male movie fans who are drawing more potentially offensive conclusions.
“Awesome! Another useless reboot that literally NO ONE asked for.”
“Please no. Stop with the Female version of movies or shows”
“Of course it is. Women aren’t successful at all. All they do is just copy men. I’m truly happy that men will alway pave the way for women.”
Many on Twitter are also speculating on who could be cast in the lead roles, with names like Awkwafina, Tiffany Haddish, Lucy Liu and more.
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Additionally, a potential fourth installment of the original “Rush Hour” series has been discussed recently. Last, year, Chris Tucker all but confirmed that “Rush Hour 4” is coming. “It’s happening,” said the 47-year old actor. “This is going to be the Rush of all Rush-es. Jackie is ready and we want to do this so that people don’t ever forget it.”
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