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Tilda Swinton Says ‘Questionable Decision’ to Email Margaret Cho Over ‘Doctor Strange’ Whitewashing Was ‘Naive, Confusing’

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton revealed she is “very, very grateful” for Kevin Feige commenting on the whitewashing controversy for her character The Ancient One in the 2016 movie “Doctor Strange.”

The details: The 60-year-old Scottish actress reflected on the casting decision to play the controversial role in an interview with Variety.

Emma Stone Shouts ‘I’m Sorry’ For ‘Aloha’ Whitewashing During Sandra Oh’s Golden Globes Monologue

Among the few highlights of the 76th annual Golden Globes Awards on Sunday was Sandra Oh calling out films “Aloha!” and “Ghost in the Shell” for whitewashing, and actress Emma Stone obliging with a surprising response. 

Oh, who was delivering this year’s monologue alongside co-host Andy Samberg, praised “Crazy Rich Asians” for being “the first studio film with an Asian American lead since Ghost in the Shell and Aloha.”

New California Law Could Help Fight Whitewashing in Hollywood Films

Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus members in California recently celebrated the passing of a new legislation that aims to reduce whitewashing in Hollywood.

California lawmakers passed new diversity provisions in the new extension of California’s film and television tax credit on July 16, requiring production companies to report the diversity of their workforce.

‘BoJack Horseman’ Creator Finally Talks About the Problem With Whitewashing in Cartoons

Earlier this week, Indiewire discussed an often overlooked problem in animation: Whitewashing. Certainly the topic has been broached many a time in Hollywood, such as in the cases of “Ghost in the Shell” and “Aloha”, but animation is a different beast.

Whitewashing in film is easy enough to spot — if the character was originally a POC but ultimately was portrayed by a White person, Whitewashing has occurred. And while writers and producers will bend over backwards to change a story that allows for a White actor to maintain that role, such as rewriting their origins or erasing them entirely, it doesn’t change the fact that it happened.

Whitewashed Chinese Restaurant Opera Cancelled After Severe Backlash from Asian Community

After severe backlash, the opera “The Golden Dragon” has been canceled, as Hackney Empire pulls the show from its East London October 31 premiere.

The theater released a statement on Thursday that disavows any involvement of Hackney Empire to the production of “The Golden Dragon” and Music Theater Wales, the United Kingdom’s leading national contemporary opera company.

‘Thor’ Director Taika Waititi Says He Would Never Whitewash ‘Akira’ Live-Action Remake

Whenever a beloved anime property is revealed to be getting a Hollywood remake, fans are immediately reminded of the travesties that have come before it.

This is mostly because Hollywood studios have long been in denial that a Whitewashed casting and a dumbed down story will no longer appeal to the fans of the source material and even the rest of the general viewing public.

Theater Says ‘Yellowface’ Casting is Totally Not Racist Because It’s Not a Real Story

After drawing backlash, an opera company in Wales justified their decision to feature an entirely Caucasian cast in an apparent Chinese-themed production by saying the story was intended not to have “realism” to begin with.

The Music Theatre Wales touring production was heavily criticized for using “yellowface” in its casting in “The Golden Dragon” opera staged last week at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, The Telegraph reports.

Randall Park is Surprised There Aren’t More Asian Roles in Hollywood By Now

Whitewashing in films and TV is a controversial issue — luckily, there are people working hard to make a positive change in the film/TV industry to promote better diversity in media.

ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat” is one of the shows that has greatly helped make viewers more aware about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, and its efforts have certainly worked. According to one of the show’s lead stars, Randall Park, a lot of his Asian-American friends are seeing their projects come to fruition in the wake of his show’s success.