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Vietnamese filmmakers create visually stunning short about AAPI hate being as old as American history

film about AAPI

Vietnamese filmmakers Sally Tran and Phuong Vo have created a short film about the history of anti-Asian racism and violence in the U.S. 

What it’s about: The short film, entitled Centuries and Still,” unveils the “search for justice [that] goes back to the Gold Rush era fetishization of Asian women, to today’s hate crimes targeting Asian elders.”

The ‘Vietnamese Alex Jones’ has his YouTube channel taken down after being called out by John Oliver

misinformation for Vietnamese Americans

John Oliver threw a jab at the spread of misinformation among the immigrant diaspora in the U.S., including the Vietnamese community, in an episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”

The misinformation disease: In the episode, which aired on Oct. 11, Oliver said the spread of misinformation among the immigrant community was fueled by the lack of platforms that deliver reliable and accurate news in their languages, according to VN Express.

Pilot Aims to Be the First Vietnamese American Woman to Fly Solo Around the World

Anh-Thu Nguyen, founder and president of non-profit Women in Aerospace and Aviation, has set her sights on becoming the first Vietnamese American pilot to fly solo around the world. 

Currently an Airline Transport Pilot and a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI) at AeroVentures Flying Club in Atlanta, Nguyen decided to attempt such a feat to inspire the next generation of female pilots.

Man Left with F‌ract‌ur‌ed S‌kull After Being A‌‌s‌sa‌‌u‌lt‌e‌‌‌d by 6 Men On His Way to Work

A Vietnamese-American man suff‌er‌ed a skull fract‌ur‌e and spine injuries after being ro‌bbe‌d and at‌‌tac‌ked by six men while on his way to work last weekend.

The victim, identified as Vinh Vu, was on his way to his second job at Fisherman’s Wharf when he was a‌tta‌cke‌d from behind by the as‌sail‌an‌ts, according to San Francisco Chronicles. Vu didn’t fight back or resist the as‌sa‌ult. The s‌usp‌e‌cts, however, continued to b‌ea‌t him until he becomes unconscious.‌

OC Vietnamese Americans Rally to Fight Against Trump’s Deportation of War Refugees

More than 100 Vietnamese Americans took to the streets of Little Saigon in Orange County, California to protest the Trump administration’s move to deport thousands of war refugees.

After a meeting between U.S. and Vietnam representatives last week, over 8,000 Vietnamese residents who committed crimes in America will face deportation if immigration officials succeed in changing an agreement that protects their residency status.

College Student Tracks Down Vietnamese Woman Who Lost $1,500 and Photo of Grandkids

We can add Cypress College student Luan Nguyen to the list of Vietnamese Americans who have a big heart after he returned the lost possessions of an elderly woman he met in Garden Grove, California.

In a Facebook post on Christmas Eve, Nguyen said he was headed to a Bank of America at the corner of Westminster and Brookhurst to withdraw money when a 75-year-old Vietnamese woman approached him and asked if he would buy some flowers from her for $20.

Missing Hikers Found Holding Each Other in Joshua Tree Died in Apparent Murder-Suicide

A couple who went missing in Joshua Tree National Park back in July died in a murder-suicide, according to a San Bernardino County Sheriff press release.

Authorities found the bodies of Rachel Nguyen, 20, of Westminster, and Joseph Orbeso, 21, of Lakewood, on Sunday after spending over 2,100 hours searching for them. The couple was found embracing each other inside “a steep canyon to the far north of the Maze Loop Trailhead,” according to the sheriff’s statement. A handgun was also recovered from the site.