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YouTuber ‘Mr. Yabatan’ Becomes a Celebrity in Japan as a Fluent Confused Foreigner

A Norwegian YouTuber, known simply as Mr. Yabatan, has become quite a hit in Japan for his antics playing a silly foreigner.

Mr. Yabatan, who has kept his real name a secret for privacy reasons, started his “cultural comedy” back in 2014. His Instagram account boasts of more than 375,000 followers while his YouTube channel has so far racked up a total of over 6.7 million views. 

YouTuber’s Corny Asian Supermarket Pickup Puns Should Be #AsianCoupleGoals

Whether you’re joking around while shopping at the supermarket with your dad like Twitter user Kylie Moy or using groan-inducing pickup lines like YouTuber Esa Fung, a good, old-fashion corny joke sometimes helps put a smile on your face.

A video posted on YouTube on Dec. 24 shows Fung testing out some funny yet cringey puns on his friend Lena Lemon at an Asian supermarket.

China Bans All Online Videos They Think Are ‘Gay’ Because They’re ‘Abnormal’

In an effort to strengthen its “Great Firewall“, China is banning online videos with homosexual content after determining that they display “abnormal sexual behavior.”

The move is part of a set of new regulations issued by the China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA) concerning audio-visual online content, including cartoons, documentaries, dramas, films and short clips.

Gentle Whispering ASMR: Why Millions of People Watch This Woman Whisper on YouTube

Since this YouTube star began creating her videos five years ago, millions of people around the world have tuned in to hear her whisper. Maria, aka the Gentle Whisperer, is able to send tingles up and down the spines of her over half a million subscribers.

The euphoric wave of tingles her viewers feel is called ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, which is usually triggered by sounds that “feel good.” Common triggers include instructional videos, slow speech patterns, clicking sounds, painting and more.