Angry Son Violently Assaults His Father’s Mistress in Public After Parent’s Divorce

Angry Son Violently Assaults His Father’s Mistress in Public After Parent’s Divorce
Kyle Encina
August 30, 2017
An angry man in China humiliated his father’s mistress by physically attacking her while a crowd passively watched the shocking scene unfold.
The public beatdown occurred in Henan province, a day before the Chinese Valentine’s Day.
Eyewitnesses recounted the frustrated Chinese man blaming the mistress for being the cause of why his parents plan to get a divorce, according to Shanghaiist. The Yuzhou police had to deal with the incident since bystanders were content with just watching the altercation instead of intervening.

The shocking video shows the Chinese man landing blow on the woman with his fist and dragging her by the hair only to continue the brutally assault next to a nearby vehicle. After dragging the mistress to a corner, he then proceeded to deliver a barrage of violent kicks to the woman’s face.
As shocking as the incident is, it seems that humiliating public beatdowns aren’t so uncommon in China. According to Express, a separate but similar incident happened in China, this time involving the wife of the cheating husband.
In a graphic video, the wife proceeds to physically assault her husband’s mistress by grabbing her by the hair and kicking her face. Much like the above incident, bystanders also gathered around the scene to watch instead of offering any form of help.
Exacting revenge on cheating spouses can get even more creative and sadistic in other parts of Asia. In Thailand, a scorned wife unleashed devastating martial arts attacks on a mistress, while an angry wife in Vietnam showed her husband’s illegitimate partner who’s boss by shoving chili peppers down the mistress’ private parts.
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